Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day twenty one

dress, tights and black heels: all from kohls 

i tried something new for dirty hair day.  i got the idea here but had to start higher up than was shown in this post ... my hair is still too short.  its a little bit messy and a little bit elegant.  i think i love it.  

Monday, November 29, 2010

day twenty

 and im back!

sweater: ny&co 
shirt: ny&co
jeans: kohls (lc)
flats: american eagle

this sweater is not the most flattering item of clothing i own but it is so darn comfy!  i bought about 2 months ago for only $19 at ny&co and have gotten a lot of use out of it.  i mainly wear it around the house using it as a house coat ... its kinda like a hug that you wear :)

because of the holiday weekend, i have been pretty slack.  saturday, i was not able to follow the 30 for 30 rules because i was helping aj and cynthia with a wedding.  i did not include black pants (which i had to wear) in my 30 items so i just didnt count that day.  on sunday husband and i literally laid around the house in our pjs all day ... i did not even shower but i assure you i did brush my teeth.  

if time permits, today, i will be helping aj and cynthia finish up the trash the dress shoot, part 3 (click here and here to see part 1 and 2).

Friday, November 26, 2010

day nineteen

hat: great grandfather's
flower in hat: j crew (won in a flourish giveaway)
necklace:  mom's house 
white shirt: ny&co.  
dress: target
boots: target

ill be heading out soon to meet tara for coffee.  we will do our best to find a starbucks as far away from a mall as possible.  i have zero patience for crazy black friday shoppers.  people can get so greedy and rude ... it sucks the holiday spirit right out of me.  so, in order to maintain my holiday cheer, i shall keep my distance :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

day eighteen

gobble gobble gobble ...

 dress: thrifted
boots: vintage (ebay)

some people might wonder why one would feel the need dress up to go eat too much and nap.  well, i am here to tell you that i was probably the most comfortably dress person at our feast ... AND i looked cute :)  i knew when i bought this dress a month ago that i would want to wear it on thanksgiving ...  

... because i can fit a lot of food in here!!!

i forgot to pack my tights (blast), but its ok because it was a beautiful day.  also, no tights means absolutely nothing pushing on my belly. 
i did grab my jean jacket for the cooler parts of the day.  

have i mentioned that i love this dress?

i big thanks to husband for taking these pics and brother for making fun of me because it made me laugh for realz!

whew!  we are finally home after a long day of driving and eating ... and eating and driving.  i had such a fantastic day and am now completely spent.  

i would love to go into all the things i am thankful for, but that would take an additional 30 minutes of typing and i literally have zero energy.  i am too blessed to summarize quickly.  

happy thanksgiving and God bless!  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so what

click on this button to link up with mamma dew at life after i dew.

so what if:

  • i eat every last bite on my plate even if i was full 20 minutes ago.  its polite, is it not? 
  • i bite my nails.  ill try to stop again and everyone will be proud for all of 6 months until i start it up again.  
  • i wear my pjs to the grocery store and to the movies.  out of courtisy, i always ask husband if he is embarrassed to be seen with me and am willing to change if he says yes.
  • i wear my flip flops when there is snow on the ground, you dont pay my insurance if i end up getting sick. 
  • i very rarely pass gas.  and no, i am NOT lying.  and yes, there might be something wrong with me. 
  • i give too much information most of the time. 
  • i agree with dana at hancock heir about mac & chz being a meal all by itself. 
  • if i am loud.  chances are, you have know me a long time and i have always been loud and you have always complained about it ... yet, we are still friends. 
  • i am thinking about what to eat for lunch at 8:15 am.  i found a great friend because of our common interests in being prepared to eat several hours in advance. 

day seventeen

i left my head in bed today with these guys!

cardigan: ny&co
belt: thrifted
skirt: american eagle
navy leggings: kohls
boots: vintage (ebay) 

the white cami is from kohls too.  i did not include camis and my wife beaters in the 30 items because most of the time you cant see them.  but today you can so please dont judge me!  

im pretty sure that green and burgundy dont really match but i was really wanting some color today.  so in my book, for this day, they match perfectly :)  plus, i think the navy, tan and gold brings it together nicely.  

i have a hot lunch date today with this guy i call "husband."  other than that, working and preparing for turkey day.  i think maybe we are going to spend the night with my parents so the girls can all cook together.  this means mom, sis and me in the kitchen, drinking wine and cooking up a storm ... which makes my heart smile.  


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


joanna at a cup of joe announced a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to threadsence.  of course i entered and went to take a looksy at what threadsence had to offer.  im not sure if the 30 for 30 rule of not shopping just makes me want more or not but i LOVE this site.

when i go to website like these i check out the dresses first and then go look at the shoes and/or jewelry.  usually after about 4 clicks i see that everything is out of my price range and then close the window ... but not today.  dont get me wrong, not only am i not allowed to shop, i really just dont have a budget right now for even inexpensive items ... but hey, i girl can dream, right!

after looking thru, i wanted to show you a few of my favorite things.  if you likes, enter joanna's tuesday giveaway too and buy me something nice if you win :)

worn like this or belted with jeans.  i love this tunic!  and $43 isnt bad if its as versatile as i think it would be.   (make sure to check out pics of the back to see the design that makes this item unique)

jersey dress with flare for $39.  im not sure if this one would be all that flattering on my womanly body shape but i like it.  

yes please!  ok, so this one is a little pricer.  that just means patience until it goes on sale. 

hello fun dress for only $25

perfect summer dress on sale for $30

i know, thou shall not lust.  but really i went thru the site so i could share with you this lovely information ... i did it out of love *he he* 

click the pics to shop it up

hey ya!


day sixteen

necklace: mom's house
cardigan:  old navy
shirt:  ny&co.
skirt:  old navy
boots: target

it is 72 degrees here today and i have long sleeves, boots, sweaters and tights to remix.  dont get me wrong, i LOVE this weather.  the thing is, i didnt plan for so many warm days when i picked out my 30 items.  this green shirt is great though because its sleeveless.  if i get too hot, i can always remove the cardigan to expose my very caucasian colored arms.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

grant & those other two people ...

ok, so i know their names are nate and tara, BUT grant is definitely the main event!  this little guy is one of those babies that make me want one real bad.
(dont get too excited mom)

yesterday, i had the opportunity to take some photographs of this beautiful family.  here are a few of my favorites:

ps - thank you williams family for your patience and most of all tara, for your friendship! 

day fifteen

insert superhero pose here

scarf: target
dress: old navy
belt: f21
tights: i have no idea
boots: vintage (ebay)

as i mentioned here, blue and green is my favorite color combination.  i get pretty happy when i wear these 2 colors together :)

{not really sure if you can tell, but these cream color tights are cable-knit.}

this bracelet is one i took home from my mom's house.  i forget if she has told me where it is from or not.  anywho, i get a lot of compliments on it, so i thought i would show it to you. 

happy monday! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

day fourteen

sweater: h&m (?)
jeanskohls (lauren conrad)
ballet flats: american eagle

i just got home from church and now i am headed to tara's to take some holiday pics of the family.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

day thirteen

brown shirt:  american eagle
dress: target
belt and purse: thrifted
tights: i have no idea
boots:  vintage (ebay)

the swap - this is the dress i chose to replace the brown dress i mentioned.  its versatile, colorful and best of all, it fits :)  

im headed out to a baby shower and then home to clean and do a little research.  i hope you all have a splendid saturday!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

day twelve

sweater: ny&co
button up: hand-me-down
jeans: target
ballet flats: american eagle

work today and tonight ... HARRY POTTER!  seriously, i am so freaking excited about this movie!!!  i may take off the green sweater and throw on this vest for the evening. 

i appreciate the feedback on yesterday's post.  saturday, i will go thru my closest and find an alternative #30 item.  stay tuned!  

flash back friday

this friday's flashback is brought to you by:

pics that make me LOL!!!

one night, long ago, jen decided to borrow a friend's purse ... to wear as a shirt.  it started out as a joke making fun of how ginormous the bag was and ended up as a dare.  needless to say, jen accepted the dare, we belted it and she rocked the shirt-purse for for the rest of the night.  we ended up going out downtown and she received a lot of compliments on this "designer top."  HA!

i literally LOL every time i see these pictures.

im sure its one of those things that you just had to be there.  BUT the point of this post is to let you see how easily amused we were then ... and continue to be.  

memories like this remind me how much i am looking forward to the holidays and being with my girls!  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

day eleven

shawl: virginia johnson (won in this oh joy giveaway)
sweater: target 
skirt: old navy
tights and shoes: kohls

houston, we have a problem!  
last night i was trying to put an outfit together for my new shawl.  i tried on my go-to brown dress that i have not worn in quite some time.  i included it in my 30 items because it can be worn to a wedding, a funeral, on a date night and to work.  turns out, i have gained a few vanity pounds that this dress does not allow for.  needless to say, it doesnt fit, BLAST IT ALL!  so what do i do now?  

i have 2 choices: 
a) try to make it thru the challenge with only 29 items or 
b) switch it out for something that fits (of equal or lesser value).  

im taking a vote so that i am not held responsible for the outcome.  please comment below and let me know what i should do. 

thanks for your help! 

ps - please excuse the grumpy face in the picture above.  its because my skirt keeps sticking to my tights and i know it is something i will be dealing with all day :) 

pss - i hate these shoes ... i wish i was wearing my black boots today!  

ppss - i love the long sleeves on on this sweater.  they make me happy.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i love this kid!

if you are having a bad day, watch this video!  i am 98.7% sure that it will bring a smile to your face.

day ten

sweater: old navy
dress and tights: kohls
boots: target

i know what you are thinking "enough with the black boots already!"  well, i had all intentions of wearing my black heels with this dress today.  they looked great with the tights and really took the dress up a notch.  BUT i looked out this morning and saw it was wet and leaves everywhere, so i put my boots on.  

i, elizabeth, vow to wait until at least saturday to wear these boots again!  

i am a 3rd of the way through this challenge and here is what i have learned so far:

  • i have a hard time wearing an outfit i put together sometimes.  if i remix something fun and its "just another day" i want to save it for something more exciting.  
  • i am feeling less silly about taking and posting pics.  
  • i love the fact that i get to use my camera everyday.  
  • tights make everything more fun!
  • if i had to take pics and post everyday then i would always be more aware of what i am wearing. 
  • kendi is a genius for thinking up a challenge that makes people have to shop in their own closet. 
  • the white and brown shirts i wear as "1st layer items" need to be replaced.  they are looking pretty rough.   
  • even though i am a gemini (my excuse), i can stick with a project/challenge and see it thru to the end. 
happy hump day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day nine

dress: ny&co
belt and boots: target

husband made me a delicious breakfast this morning, because he is so sweet!  my plans today include going into the office for about an hour and then running some errands.   

note to self:  start deciding what im making for thanksgiving and start a grocery list.  do not wait until the last minute!!!

guess what ... im a wiener!
joy at oh joy announced the giveaway wieners here.

there are 2 things that i "need" but that i cant really justify right now.  i could use some help in the accessories department (to help with my 30 for 30) and wall decor to take up the awkward empty spots around the house.  with this lovely giveaway i am not breaking any rules or our budget :) 
thanks joy!!!

happy 100th!

so, this is my 100th post.  
hip hip hurray!!!

i started this blog back in april, with plans of documenting my growth in life, my relationships, my walk with God, photography, etc.  its only been 8 months and 100 posts but i can tell i am growing.  i feel like i am in the process of figuring out the kind of person i want to be and making choices that will take me there.    

thanks to all you readers for sharing this journey with me and for your encouragement :)

i am so excited to see what God has planned for me!

"for I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
- jeremiah 29:11

Monday, November 15, 2010

etsy ecstasy

lockets are the best!  
every time i see one, i feel like there is a tiny secret in it.  
these lockets found on esty make my heart flutter a little. 

as always, click on the pic to shop

day eight

scarf: kohls
shirt: american eagle
jeans: kohls (lauren conrad) 
shoes: american eagle

today is a bit of a lazy day.  i spent the morning in recovery from yesterday's cheap bloody marys.  at my age, i have decided that if i cant afford better alcohol then i should stick to water.

i have some work to do this afternoon to prepare for the week and then small group tonight :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

day seven

ta da!  
redish hair

jean jacket: gap
white shirt: ny&co. 
skirt: thrifted (american apparel) 
socks & boots: target

husband making fun of my posing

puppy kisses :)

after church, husband and i headed downtown for lunch and a long walk with the pup.
what a fantastic day!!!
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