about me

my name is elizabeth and i am a 32 year old 

wife to this handsome guy,

and a mother to two awesome pups 

... and two humans 
like most bloggers, i like to take photos and enjoy DIY projects.  thift stores and vintage things make my heart grin.  

i post a lot about life in general and things that inspire me.  if you stick around, you will read about my growing faith in God, see too many photos of my cute furry kids and our little mister

if you are a stickler for grammar, spelling and punctuation, then this might not be the place for you.  i tend to write how i speak and dont give a lot of concern for the rest of it.  

my hope is to get the most out of life, to be content and joyful no matter the situation ... and to try and make every day the best.day.ever.

{for random information about me, you can also read this post and this post}

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