Thursday, February 28, 2013

tea time

if you came over for tea, i would offer you coffee first because i have some yummy beans from a local distributor thanks to the coffee club i joined.

if you prefer tea, i would make us both a cup of yogi: vanilla spice perfect energy tea.  my mother-in-law brought me some to try. i love it and i bet you would too.  

while the tea steeps, i would show you that henry is taking a nap and how much i cant wait to watch him stretch when he wakes up.

i would move some jackets or blankets so we could really sit deep into the sofa and i would sit on my feet.

i would apologize for the house being messy.  we havent really made this a priority since henry was born.  

i would tell you about the things i have been making a priority:  time with husband, a little fitness and cooking healthier meals for my family.  there is still a lot to learn but i have really been enjoying trying new recipes. 

i would ask you about your significant other, kids, pups, cat, family, etc.  i would pry a little because i like to know the deeper stuff, not just the chit chat small talk.  

i would offer encouragement in any way i could. 

we would giggle about how much things have changed over the past 5 years because i came across some old photos the other day.  

i would share with you about how God is moving in my life and how he never stops changing me ... and i would confess that i want to make more time for Him than i do.

i would tell you about the womens retreat i am attending with my sister this weekend.  all the lovely ladies from our church will be there and im really excited about spending time with them.

we would talk about about how im a little sad to be leaving henry at home but that i know husband is fully capable of taking care of him.  this would lead to me bragging about husband and what a great dad he is.  i would tell you about valentines day and how he had class, so he brought henry to my work wearing a heart balloon and took me out to lunch. 

i would tell you that my heart must have grown to be able to fit husband and our little one in there.  i felt that it was full before and it must be busting at the seams.

i would tell you that yes, the pups have done great getting used to henry and that he likes to rub on omar's chin.

we would giggle again and sigh, leaving a very comfortable silence.  

eventually, after warming up our second cup and finishing off some muffins i bought at the fresh market, you would have to leave.  we would discuss making this a monthly thing so it didnt take so long to catch up next time.  of course we both know that our next coffee/tea date would take up just as much time because we enjoy each other's company.

{i saw a similar post over at casey leigh.  i thought it was a great way for us to catch up}

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

wise wednesday

you have the ability to make today your favorite, 
no matter the circumstances.

Monday, February 25, 2013

husband vs. wife questionnaire

i saw this on sitting in a tree and thought it would be fun.  

note: my answers are orange, husband's are green and any notes with be {in brackets}.

1. How long have you been married?

5 years and 5 months
5.2 yrs

2. Where was your first date?

as a couple?  42nd street oyster bar  
Went to the fair together somewhere around 1995 or 96. Or 42nd St Oyster bar in 2006

3. Where was your first kiss? 

at the wayne county fair on the ferris wheel
Wayne co fair grounds, I think. Or it could have been inside of a plastic tube slide maze thingy at this fun house place in middle school. Razmataz or some jive. 

4. Who first said, "I love you"?

Probably her. She chased me for years. 
{this is funny because husband tried to make me fall in love with him for 7 years until i caved.  im so glad he was persistent!}

5. What were your wedding colors?
coral, turquoise and navy
Coral colors?  I was looking at her. Nothing else.

6. What is her most commonly used phrase? 
"cool beans"
Cool beans

7. Who is her celebrity crush? 
it used to be wilmer valderram but i dont really have one right now

Use to be fes from that 70s show , now it might be Zoey deschanel. 

8. If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?   
i would order a porter beer (preferably a local brew) and would get husband and grey goose martini, extra dirty. 
Do we have a driver? I honestly can't say, her mood would determine that. A Dark porter, a Shiraz, a jegar bomb. Not in that order. 

9. What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?   
he really likes my spaghetti 

I really liked the beef brisket meal she made last week. She cooks a lot of yummy dishes though. 

10. What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?  
that time i didnt cook the chicken all the way thru and he is not a fan of the tofu
I'll eat anything... Twice. 

11. What is the most-played song on her iPod?
mumford & sons cd
cherry blossoms probably. Henry falls asleep when she sings it. 

12. What would she say is your most annoying habit?
finishing my sentences but it be wrong
I make too much money, and I finish her sentences... Incorrectly. 

13.  What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?  
kiss my husband
Asks me if there is anything she can pray for me about. 

14.  If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?  
my jackets that pile up on the back of the sofa
They are all pilled together, you would never be able to pick up just one. 

15. What would you say is your favorite thing about her?

She has a great personality? No, right now it is how wonderful of a mother she is. 

16. What's her go-to drink at Starbucks? 
chai tea latte or the pike roast

17. What's her blog's name?,  I.think.

note from husband:  "Ps I typed all this with my thumb on my phone while the other arm is asleep bc h us passed out on me. My hand hurts and I'm hungry. Aint nobody got time for that"

photos by christine hall

Friday, February 22, 2013

high 5 for insta-friday

i love fridays and i love linking up with lauren, jeanette and rachel to share my favorite things from this past week.

ONE:  last weekend henry and i went to savannah, ga with my parents.  we spent most of the weekend hanging around the house, playing musical baby (3 babys and 7 adults).  on sunday we celebrated one year of these lovely ladies.  it was so great to finally get my hands on the girls and spend time with their older sister.  they are all so sweet.  still trying to decide which one henry will be betrothed to.  LOL!  

TWO:  my dad met my uncle john in the navy over 40 years ago.  since then, we have spent many many vacations together.  although we are not blood related, they will always be uncle john and aunt linda to me.  a perfect example that friends are the family you choose.  

uncle john with henry
dad with ms. ruby
THREE:  also, uncle john and aunt linda's daughter is an AMAZING photographer.  while setting up for the twins b-day party, she snapped this picture of henry and i.   isnt he just the most handsome little guy ever?  you can follow chrissy's facebook page here.

FOUR:  i love our small group!  i love the friendships, i love discussing the bible with them, i love game nights, i love worshiping with them ... did i mention i love small group?  if you are attending a church that offers small groups and have not tried it out or if someone has invited you to theirs, do it.  it will change the way you live your life.   

FIVE:  its fun to watch henry changing so much.  this week he learned how to really play with (chew on) toys.  he has been reacting to the little stuffed animals that hang from his chair for a while.  but this week he held onto a toy and laughed when he was shaking it all around.   

EXTRA CREDIT:  i was so thankful of how well henry traveled last weekend.  this picture is from his nap time last saturday.  

have a super weekend!!!


life rearranged

friday favorite things | finding joy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"no poo" review

it has officially been one month since i said sayonara to the traditional way of washing my hair and tried out this whole "no poo" thing.   thats right, i have not washed my hair in almost 5 weeks.  gross right?  not really though.  here are a few thoughts on my no poo experience. 

first, let me tell you why i was so turned on by the no poo movement.  i have been reading a lot about our food and what the government allows in our food source.  i am still trying to figure out what i am personally convicted of and what i will choose to not stress over ... but this is a post for another day.  so, when i learn these types of things, it intensifies that overbearing need to control as much as possible.  when i heard about not having to buy shampoo and conditioner, i saw this as an opportunity to stick it to the man.  you know, not conforming to the way that most people wash their hair.  honestly, i didnt do any research about what is so harmful about shampoo.  i was more excited about how much money i would be saving.  

now that you know where why i was motivated to try this out, you can better understand where im coming from.  

what was my hair like before my no poo experiment?  well, basically flat and lifeless.  i have mentioned before how badly my hair holds curl.  its mostly board straight and looks the same way every day.  it is usually very soft and oily with a dry scalp.  over the past 2 years i have been able to train my hair to go two days without a wash.  

why i love no poo:
  • did i mention the cost difference?  i love the fact that i can wash my hair with something that costs next to nothing and be found in almost any kitchen.  no more standing in the shampoo isle at target trying to decide between pricey or cheap (and thats the first decision in a long line of decisions).
  • ... which brings me to my next point.  i love the thought of not having to make a decision about what shampoo and conditioner to use which makes life that much easier. 
  • my hair seems a lot thicker and the texture is a bit different.  i bet if i made time to style it, the style would actually hold.  
  • my scalp does appear to be squeaky clean.
what im not in love with no poo:
  • i thought i would be able to go a few more days between washes and i cannot.  i am still washing every two days. 
  • although my scalp appears to be clean in the part, i have dandruff.  yeah, that part sucks.  it got a little better because i reduced the amount of baking soda i was using.  also, i bought one of those natural bristle brushes that i rubbed on my scalp after applying the baking soda mix.  the worst part is that i never had bad dandruff before.  
  • my neck started breaking out.  i guess this is from the natural oils making it further down my hair.  yay for the oils but not so much for my neck.  its not super gross or anything but its those bumps that kind of hurt.  
  • tangles!  my hair tangles easily ... it always has.  i use vinegar in the place of conditioner.  it does a pretty good job but my hair still seems to look like a tangled mess.  i think this would change during the warmer months.  it might have something to do with the static and cooler temps.   
things that surprised me about going no poo:
  • as far as i know, my hair does not smell bad.  
  • at first, i thought i was going to have to go all natural in every aspect of my hair routine. turns out, i can still use products and a blow dryer. 
  • i thought the texture had changed enough to use a flat iron to curl it but not so much.  i have not given up totally but im done dreaming about lovely beach waves for now. 

will i continue with no poo? 
i have decided to use regular shampoo and conditioner for a while.  mainly i am tired of my neck breaking out. {if anyone out there has tried this before and has a solution to this issue, please let me know} 

in about a month or two, i am going to get a good haircut and color.  after that, i may try again with fresh ends.  i feel like having shorter hair might help with the tangles and maybe i will make a little more time to style it. 

here is a picture of my hair (on a dirty day) after one month of no poo.  

if you have any comments or suggestions, please share below.  i would love to get some feedback on your experience!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013


happy valentines day 
to the loves of my life

... love you to pieces!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

high five for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, lindsay and rachel to share all the little things from this past week that make my heart smile. 

ONE:  these tiny track pants make me giggle every time.  

TWO:  i dont so much enjoy running on the treadmill ... but i LOVE being able to get out with these guys for a jog around the neighborhood.  

THREE:  henry is still getting over a cold so we spent a lot of time cuddling this week :)

FOUR:  he found his thumb!!!!!  he has been trying to catch it for weeks.  here have been a few unintentional successes, but this time he looked right at it and stuck it in his mouth.  he was so excited. 

FIVE:  i have officially lost 15 lbs since the end of december.  you can read more about how i am losing the pregnancy wight here.

BONUS:  this little guy is three months old.

happy weekend!


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Hello Hue Little Things

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 months, continued

  • 11.8 lbs
  • squeals, gurgles and coos (see below)
  • recognizes and responds to our voices 
  • blowing some bubbles and drooling a lot
  • holds up his weight on his legs
  • neck is getting stronger and is able to hold his head steady most of the time
  • bats and kicks at toys
  • flaps arms and legs like he is trying to fly away :)
  • currently, he is getting over a cold so he is sleeping a lot in the swing and car seat
  • is not a fan of "the bulb" aka, booger-sucker-outer

wise wednesday

something to keep me motivated!

Monday, February 4, 2013

3 months

today marks three months of motherhood for me ... 
three months since i met our "mister" for the first time ...

... my heart is full

{see month one here and month two here}

*photo by simply photography

Friday, February 1, 2013

high five for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, lindsay and rachel to share all the little things from this past week that really make it all worth while. 

ONE:  when i posted about how im loosing the baby weight, i mentioned the workout program i started.  well, im going strong on level two now and this week i completed my first run.  i am looking forward to building up to running a 5k this year with my sister.  

TWO:  i love the time henry and i have in the evenings.  he is usually full of giggles after i feed him but he has a cold this week so we have been cuddling more.  

THREE:  i do "henry lifts" while henry does "neck lifts"  :)

FOUR:  ok, so i know that i wont always find baby drool so freaking cute, but for now, it is.  this is my favorite photo of henry right now.

FIVE:  mailey is so gentle with her little brother.  she loves to give him kisses on his head.  

have a great weekend!


life rearranged

Hello Hue Little Things

friday favorite things | finding joy

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