Thursday, February 28, 2013

tea time

if you came over for tea, i would offer you coffee first because i have some yummy beans from a local distributor thanks to the coffee club i joined.

if you prefer tea, i would make us both a cup of yogi: vanilla spice perfect energy tea.  my mother-in-law brought me some to try. i love it and i bet you would too.  

while the tea steeps, i would show you that henry is taking a nap and how much i cant wait to watch him stretch when he wakes up.

i would move some jackets or blankets so we could really sit deep into the sofa and i would sit on my feet.

i would apologize for the house being messy.  we havent really made this a priority since henry was born.  

i would tell you about the things i have been making a priority:  time with husband, a little fitness and cooking healthier meals for my family.  there is still a lot to learn but i have really been enjoying trying new recipes. 

i would ask you about your significant other, kids, pups, cat, family, etc.  i would pry a little because i like to know the deeper stuff, not just the chit chat small talk.  

i would offer encouragement in any way i could. 

we would giggle about how much things have changed over the past 5 years because i came across some old photos the other day.  

i would share with you about how God is moving in my life and how he never stops changing me ... and i would confess that i want to make more time for Him than i do.

i would tell you about the womens retreat i am attending with my sister this weekend.  all the lovely ladies from our church will be there and im really excited about spending time with them.

we would talk about about how im a little sad to be leaving henry at home but that i know husband is fully capable of taking care of him.  this would lead to me bragging about husband and what a great dad he is.  i would tell you about valentines day and how he had class, so he brought henry to my work wearing a heart balloon and took me out to lunch. 

i would tell you that my heart must have grown to be able to fit husband and our little one in there.  i felt that it was full before and it must be busting at the seams.

i would tell you that yes, the pups have done great getting used to henry and that he likes to rub on omar's chin.

we would giggle again and sigh, leaving a very comfortable silence.  

eventually, after warming up our second cup and finishing off some muffins i bought at the fresh market, you would have to leave.  we would discuss making this a monthly thing so it didnt take so long to catch up next time.  of course we both know that our next coffee/tea date would take up just as much time because we enjoy each other's company.

{i saw a similar post over at casey leigh.  i thought it was a great way for us to catch up}

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