Friday, March 1, 2013

high five for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share five of my favorite things from this past week.

ONE: last sunday was beautiful!  husband and i took henry to the lake for my 40 minute jog.  the best part was that i actually made it and felt great afterwards.  i only have 4 days left to complete my 60 day workout plan.

TWO:  i finally got my hands on a wooden pallet.  now i just have to figure out what i want to do with it.

THREE: our little guy has been doing a lot this week.  he found his feet and is constantly staring at them.  he also sits pretty well in a bouncy seat now.  he is too unstable to leave him in it for an extended period of time but he loves it!

FOUR:  this weeks fresh 20 menu was really good.  the mediterranean lemon chicken with veggie dill couscous has been one of my favorite meals to make ... and eat.  

FIVE: i bought this small container at walmart last weekend.  it makes my heart smile to have henry's milk nice and organized in the freezer.  last week it was a hot mess ... or a freezing mess :) 


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  1. Jackpot with that pallet wood! Cant wait to see what you make with it :) Oh, and the "freeing mess" line totally made me laugh out loud! Happy friday!

  2. I love all the wooden pallet ideas on pinterest! Cant wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Your little guy is adorbs!!! Also, I totally relate to having bags of milk thrown up in your freezer. :)


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