Friday, July 25, 2014

high five for insta-friday

i'm linking up with lauren and jeannett to share five things that made this week awesome

ONE:  i finally made it out to the art museum on friday night to watch a movie on the lawn.  raleigh offers so much and i rarely take advantage of it.  i took this photo in the parking lot while i was waiting for my friend.  it was such beautiful night to sit outside.  

TWO:  my parents were leaving for vacation and klaus needed to go to the vet.  so saturday we packed up the family and headed to my hometown.  on the way back to raleigh, husband insisted that klaus would be more comfortable if he was able to walk around instead of being in a crate (that cat is spoiled rotten).  as soon as we let him out, he jumped up in henry's lap and stayed there most of the drive.  i had to pull him up front when henry started to give him a "hug" which kind of turned into a loving strangle.  we are lucky we have such a patient kitty!!! 

THREE:  i cant hate on the fact that klaus is spoiled because i know that husband spoils me too.  since we found out that i was pregnant, i get an average of 6 foot rubs a week.  i mean, my husband is the bomb.  lately he has been teaching henry that he can rub on my feet too and "show mamma that he loves her."  

FOUR:  the week was starting to feel like it would never end and then i got this sweet pic from our sitter.  it made my day!  

FIVE:  watching someone you love really enjoy food you made for them.  

have a great weekend!!!

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life rearranged

Thursday, July 24, 2014

pregnancy update: 37 weeks

pregnancy update: 
  • currently 37 weeks pregnant = 9.25 months
  • sister should be about the size of a winter watermelon, right around 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches long.   
  • weight gained so far: about 35 lbs
  • movement:  lots of hiccups lately
  • food cravings:  maybe more sweet stuff.  almost every night this week i have had a swiss cake roll and a glass of milk.
  • sleep:  not too bad.  if i get too uncomfortable i can take a tylenol pm.  however, i found out yesterday that i have been snoring like crazy so poor husband hasnt been getting as much sleep.  
  • comfort:  this has been a big change in the last week.  i cant seem to get comfortable.  i am about ready to burn my bras and i cannot get up or down without letting out a grunt.  
  • heartburn:  it got bad once this week but other then that, its fine.
  • mood/emotions:  im feeling pretty good although those around me might say ive been a little dramatic than usual.  
  • energy level:  lower than usual 
  • belly button:  none.  ok, so something is there but its flattened out to almost nothing. 
  • stretch marks:  no
  • swelling:  some
  • wedding rings:  i took off my rings this week finally.  i could have lasted a bit longer but there was no point in pushing it.  the last thing i want to do is have to get them cut off.  
  • work days left: 8
  • best news ever:  we found childcare!!!!!  this has been my biggest stress over the past 2 months and now i just get to be excited for the arrival of our sweet baby girl.  *whew*

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

etsy ecstasy: baby girl

here are a few swoon worthy things i found on etsy that would be perfect for "sister."  

*click on the pics to shop*

baby blanket - frolic in pink from organic quilt company
blue floral baby moccasins from blueberries for call
jersey knit baby headbands (set of three) from little highbury
organic cotton adventure leggings from alpine baby co. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

currently ...

Making:  a person
Cooking:  nothing much these days ... bowls of cereal
Drinking:  lots of water
Reading:  orange is the new black
Wanting:  coffee ice cream from trader joes
Looking:  at spreadsheets all week long
Playing:  my mumford and sons pandora station
Deciding:  how to arrange the collage wall in the nursery
Wishing:  it wasnt too hot for me to take walks or i had a treadmill
Enjoying: the summertime 
Waiting: patiently for our little girl to arrive
Liking: climbing into bed early and watching documentaries on netflix with husband
Wondering: if i enjoy blogging as much as i used to
Loving:  how well kitty klaus and omar are get along
Pondering:  our baby girls middle name.  we are working from a short list but trying to make a final decision soon. 
Considering:  going blonde but then i think that it might look awful or cost too much to maintain
Watching:  henry grow into this silly kid that knows his cheesy grin will get him out of trouble
Hoping:  to find a good childcare solution that we can afford
Marvelling:  at how quickly henry is picking up new words
Needing:  diapers, more time, coffee ... and maybe a nap
Smelling:  honey suckles reminds me of my childhood 
Wearing:  breezy maternity clothes that keep my cool on these humid 97 degree days
Following: a lot of pregnant yogis on instagram
Noticing:  that im feeling a bit isolated from people i was once close with
Knowing:  that my husband is the
Thinking:  there must be something im forgetting to do to prepare for sister.  
Feeling: round
Admiring: how patient husband is with me
Sorting:  out the details of childcare (who, what, where, how much, etc.)
Buying:  as little as possible this month 
Getting: tired of not being able to play on the floor with henry for very long
Bookmarking:  yoga poses/workouts i cannot do until after i am no longer pregnant
Disliking:  how much i procrastinate and then stress myself out
Opening:  a straw to put into a strawberry milkshake
Giggling: at how grossed out husband gets when henry spits out chewed up food he doesnt like
Feeling:  anxious, excited, nervous, blessed 

the idea for this list came from here

Friday, July 18, 2014

high five for insta-friday

linking up with lauren and jeanett today for high five for insta-friday.  


ONE:  some good friends of ours threw a big 30th birthday bash last saturday night ... with a photo booth :)  husband and i had a great night out catching up with friends and enjoying feeling like grownups for a while.  
35 weeks 

TWO:  henry climbs on (and sometimes jumps off of) everything these days.  i love how much he likes to explore even though i feel the grey hairs sprouting. 

THREE:  i have been doing another yoga challenge on instagram this month.  its been nice to have some form of exercise to partake in each day and gently push myself.  there are quite a few pregnant women joining in on the challenge so the sense of community and encouragement is fun.  
35 week baby bump

FOUR:  henry is crazy about his daddy.  he waits for him at the storm door and squeals with delight when he gets home from work.  he loves to climb on his back and sit in his lap whenever possible.  i heart them both!  

FIVE:  i guess a meltdown isnt one of my top favorite moments from the week.  its more about my growth as a mom and the patience im finding.  henry had an off night where he was just pitifully tired.  i put him in his highchair and he just cried because he was sad i wouldnt let him buckle himself in.  i knew better than to offer food in this condition because it would only end up on the floor.  so we sat there.  he, sobbing and me patiently waiting for him to notice me and let me distract him enough to transition into dinnertime.  


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life rearranged

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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