Wednesday, July 18, 2012

today is my favorite

this past sunday, a friend gave the message at church about finding contentment and joy where you are right now.  of course i have heard messages on this topic before but something she said really resonated with me.  she said that every day should be our favorite.  

examples she gave, paraphrased by me: 

  • birth - "hello world, this is my favorite time."
  • learning to walk - "im mobile!  woo hoo, this is my favorite"
  • i got my license - "freedom!  this is my favorite"
  • loosing a job - "thank you God for the opportunity to learn something new.  this is my favorite."
  • failing marriage - "this is a great trial in my life that will teach me to  lean on you, Lord.  this, is my favorite"
  • 5.75 months pregnant, 98 degrees outside, no air condition in either vehicle, 35 minute commute to and from work - "Lord, thank you for the summertime and 2 vehicles that get us from point a to point b.  today is hot, but its my favorite!" 
ok, so that last one is my own, but you get the point :)

i was thinking about this yesterday and it hit me ... this is what is all about.  this blog is my journey of trying to make the most of every day and make it my favorite.  whats sad is, i dont think i ever really explained this to my readers because i couldnt find an easy way to explain it.  this blog started out with me seeking to be a better ... well, everything.  but it turned into me loving where i am and who i am right now. 

today is my favorite ... today is the


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