Monday, July 2, 2012

no heat waves

after trying the no heat over night curls and the dream waves beach spray i thought i would give the no heat waves a go.  

here are the simple steps i followed: 

step 1 - the night before your awesome hair day, wash your dirty head.  if you prefer a dirty hair day, then just wet it.

step 2 - towel dry and apply your favorite moose or gel for hold.  

step 3 - french braid small sections but not too small or it will just get frizzy.  

step 4 - tie off each braid.  i used those tiny, clear bands about 2 inches from the end of my braid.  then, i slowly pulled it down to 1 inch or less and loosened the rest of the braid all the way to my scalp.  this made sure that the ends were not totally straight and it kept my braid from being too tight.  that can prevent your hair from drying all the way overnight.  

step 5 - lay your sexy head down and get some shut eye.  

step 6 - wake up!  note: because your hair will require almost no styling, i suggest you sleep at least 10 minutes longer then you usually do :)

step 7 - take each braid out and comb through it with YOUR FINGERS.  do not brush.  if you do, it will frizz out and you may as well jump in the shower to wash and wear flat and straight or pull it up in a quick bun. 

ta da!  

i have to admit, its not my favorite, but its a great way to add some texture and body to my flat lifeless hair.  

usually, when i find a new way to style my hair, i do it several days in a row.  i get tired of it after a week or less and then do nothing for the next 3 months.  i would love to look back through my own blog and remind myself that my hair doesnt have to look the same every day ... but of course i dont.  

my secret:  what im really craving is a hair cut.  maybe something up to my shoulders?  but then im reminded of how bad it sucked to grow my hair out.  first i dyed it red and then i cut my own bangs.  i dont regret either style but it was a long year.  another reason i dont want to cut it (even though i do) is that i spent some time with my cousin, janelle, this weekend.  she has very long healthy hair, and even though mine would never look that good that long, it still gives me some strength to keep growing it out.

next, i would love to be able to curl my hair with a flat iron.  i have one but it sucks!   i need one with more rounded edges and able to reach a higher temp.  with a baby on the way a new one is not in the budget.  

attention:  if you would like to donate a flat iron to me and my blog, i would love to try it out and post a review.  * hint hint *


  1. Don't make any major hair decisions while pregnant!!! :)

  2. You don't love it? I think it looks freaking amazing!!

  3. You can have my flat iron. I bought it a couple of years ago, have used it maybe three times, and decreed it too big a pain to fuss with. Because I'm super-lazy, that's why!

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  5. I think it looks great! Very relaxed, but not in a beachy sense, per se... these waves are a little more intentional, if that makes sense. haha. And thank you, sweet cousin :) I think you'd look fab with long hair! I've seen those cheerleading pics of yours, you know... ;)


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