Friday, October 29, 2010

missed reconnections

dear nice lady i met in a fuquay varina thrift store last tuesday, 

remember me?  i found a pair of black boots for only $8 but they were just slightly too big.  you were eying me as i tried them on and i figured you would get better use from them.  and then you told me about the black frye boots that you found and they were too small.  i gave you my card and said i would buy them from you but you said i could just have them ... for free.  remember how i asked you to call my cell?  remember how you said you come to raleigh a lot and would call, we could meet and i could have these boots.  

oh, how i long for your call!  

i can image what they might look like this 

patiently waiting, 

flash back friday ~ happy halloween!

in honor of the holiday, i decided it would be fun to look into my childhood and see some of the costumes i have worn over the years.  

i must admit that after my father sent these pics to me, my cheeks were hurting from smiling.  seriously, we had some good times!  

in no particular order: 
captain hook, mickey and minnie

i was dorothy, sister, glenda the good witch and allen (omg, look how tiny he is) was dressed as the cowardly lion.

this costume was a recycled school play costume ... i was dressed as mary poppins.

can we talk about the fact that this pic was taken at our church.  i love that my mother had no qualms about showing up as a scary demon witch at our church fellowship hall  

i  must add that she almost gets stabbed wearing this costume.  she showed up while a bunch of teenagers were watching scary movies ... not too smart. 
mom, after she decided to go straight ... and a little more mom like and boring.  
my bro and i (can we talk about how much my nephew looks like him)
little bro as raggedy andy

sister as a cowgirl and me as raggedy anne

not really sure what i dressed up as, but blast it all, aint i cute :0)
thanks mom for always being creative and never letting us settle for store bought costumes!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin patch

last weekend, i went with my family to visit a local pumpkin patch.  i always love spending the day with them and especially my nephew.  i usually try to get some great shots of him being him, but this particular day, he was just not having it.

hay ride in a covered wagon

v hated that great big jack-o-lantern

... and a little iffy with the huge spider too

1st time eating popcorn.  Doesnt mom look so pretty :)

my little man and i 

picking out his pumpkin 

contemplating chewing on his pumpkin

throwing a fit when i tried to get him to take some mommy and me pics
animal FUN!


sister and i got our face painted like 4 yr olds, FUN!!!!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

side note on a side note:


have you seen this squirrel?

do you remember my side note from my pumpkin carving post?  yeah, a squirrel, that i imagine looks something like the picture above, has officially owl-napped part of my pumpkin!

the small bite marks around the cut out circle and the small hole it dug into the back did not bother me ... but now im pissed!  the owl is gone and i hope he had a hard time traveling with it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

diy - welcome

my most recent do-it-yourself project was making our front door a little more welcoming.  i forgot to take an official "before" picture.  but trust me, the house numbers and mailbox were in really bad shape.  

unofficial before photo

first, i cleaned off the dirt and as much rust as possible.  
next, i primed the numbers and mailbox twice. 
after three coats of gold and one coat of black, i was ready to get everything hung up and take my "after" pics :)  


last but not least, i hung up the "B" to the left of the door.   

i used left over paint from the shelves i put up in the dinning room {i had originally painted them the gold color but decided on black}.  the letter "B" was brought to me by ebay for eleven whole dollars.  i had ordered it a couple of months ago but had not decided on its final resting place.  

now we have a colorful and welcoming front door.

i cant wait to show you what i plan to do next out there.  
stay tuned ...

Monday, October 25, 2010

trash the dress shoot

today, i had the opportunity to help aj and cynthia at simply photography, with part 1 of their trash the dress photo shoot.  they are usually the ones behind the camera, but they needed someone to take some shots with the both of them.  i had a great time and learned a lot!

to see the shots i took with aj's camera and the ones they took, click here.  the following are a few of my favorites that i took with my camera.

not the best lighting but i had to post this pic.   cynthia is the most smiley, sweetest person i know and i love this shot because she looks like such a bad a$$ 

cynthia checking to make sure the pics are turning out.  

stop, pumpkin time!

our most recent date night consisted of staying in, ordering a pizza from lilly's and carving pumpkins.

the finished product!  

what a perfect date night.  we were able to enjoy each others company, not spent too much money AND get a feeling of accomplishment.  we set the jack-o-lanterns out on the porch and took mailey to do her business.  this way we were able to see how awesome they looked to random people that just happen to walk by the house.  

side note:  last night i noticed that some animal has been chewing on my pumpkin ... what the devil!!!!  it has a huge chunk missing in the back and part of the circle has been nibbled on.  if i want this thing to last until next sunday night, i may have to bring it in doors for protection.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

flash back friday / etsy ecstasy

i was browsing thru esty (as always) and i found all these great things i remember having as a child.   these items are not from a top ten list of most popular toys to buy in the 1980s.  nope, these are things that either me or my sister owned and played with back in the day. 
holly hobbie metal lap tray
almost every friday night mom would let us eat in the living room using this tray and a few others that were similar ... my favorite was taco salad night.  we would sit there, eating dinner, and watch TGIF as a family.  
care bears
fisher price big little people
fisher price chatter phone
california raisins
mattel jack in the box
my little pony
fisher price pocket radio

mostly, i was an outdoor kind of kid.  i liked riding bikes, climbing trees, making mud pies and building forts with megan that lived in the house behind us.

all the items you see above can be purchased on esty, so click pic to shop.  

happy weekend everybody!  
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