Friday, October 22, 2010

flash back friday / etsy ecstasy

i was browsing thru esty (as always) and i found all these great things i remember having as a child.   these items are not from a top ten list of most popular toys to buy in the 1980s.  nope, these are things that either me or my sister owned and played with back in the day. 
holly hobbie metal lap tray
almost every friday night mom would let us eat in the living room using this tray and a few others that were similar ... my favorite was taco salad night.  we would sit there, eating dinner, and watch TGIF as a family.  
care bears
fisher price big little people
fisher price chatter phone
california raisins
mattel jack in the box
my little pony
fisher price pocket radio

mostly, i was an outdoor kind of kid.  i liked riding bikes, climbing trees, making mud pies and building forts with megan that lived in the house behind us.

all the items you see above can be purchased on esty, so click pic to shop.  

happy weekend everybody!  


  1. oh, so many memories flooding back. i still have my care bears and cabbage patch kids. I'M NOT A HOARDER! :)

  2. so great! I loved the carebears...but man...the jack in the box is freaky (must have something to do with my fear/hatered of clowns)

  3. Adorable. The carebears, I haven't seen them in ages. I bought a zebra clutch from Etsy 3 years ago. It was made by a frien who I hadn't seen in 15 years. Cute blog. Come by mine when you have time.


  4. I seriously had almost all of those, so awesome haha!


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