Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

one month ago

on the morning of november 4th, i woke up having what i thought were contractions.  i quietly and quickly downloaded an app that would help me time them and track their consistency.  after an hour of 1 minute contractions about 8 minutes apart, i woke husband up and we decided to call the doctor.  if henry had not been breech, i would have labored at home for a while, but seeing how i could see the top of his head sticking out from under my ribs and i had not eaten or drank anything yet we went in around 8 am to prepare for a c-section.  

we were absolutely giddy with excitement.

in only a few short hours we were in the operating room and they brought in husband to sit with me.  i remember it all happening very fast but not in a frighting way at all.  

before we knew it, henry allen was here.  

i cannot believe that a month has already gone by.  

2 weeks old
3 weeks old

happy one month henry!

coming soon:
  • one month stats (after our dr. appointment on friday)
  • thoughts on my c-section
  • how breast feeding is going for henry and i
  • nursery reveal
  • my favorite and most used things from the first few weeks
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