Wednesday, October 31, 2012

dance in the graveyards

delta rae has done it again.  take a look at their newest video.

birthday wishes ...

you, my dear mother, are kinda my hero.
thanks for being so awesome!
i hope you have a spook-tacular day :)

wise wednesday


Monday, October 29, 2012

etsy ecstasy

with halloween coming and going, a lot of us have thanksgiving on our minds already.  dont get me wrong, candy is awesome ... but not as awesome as candied yams!  i will make sure to keep a pair of my maternity pants handy for the coming holiday :)  

here are a few items from etsy that get me in the festive mood.  
as always, just click on the picture to shop.  
turkey & pie invites for thanksgiving from girl in gear studio
thanksgiving burlap place and silverware holder by 7 southern sisters
custom brown turkey face onesie by pretty lady designs
thanksgiving wreath by rustic owl decor
thankful banner embossed leaves by fresh lemon blossoms 
thanksgiving maternity shirt by d'jammar maternity & kids

i know i will no longer be "stuffed" at thanksgiving this year,
but if i was, i would totally order this shirt!

Friday, October 26, 2012

high 5 for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share the little things from this week that makes my heart smile.

finally decided on and ordered a diaper bag.  now i just have to be patient and wait for it to get here. 

i finished my art project for the nursery.  its not perfect but its a great addition to the collage wall!

on sunday afternoon, we attended the ground breaking ceremony for our new church building.  it is so exciting to see what God is doing in the life of our church! 

look at these lips ... dont you just want to give them a kiss :) 

folding laundry is one of our least favorite things to do.  so naturally husband and i tend to let the clean loads pile up.  not this week though.  i washed my first load in preparation for mister's arrival and had it all folded before the clothes cooled from the dryer.  i know it wont last long, but folding up his stuff is so much fun.  i mean look at how tiny and cute ... 

have a great weekend!!!


life rearranged

friday favorite things | finding joy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

37 week pregnancy update

  • 37 weeks = 9.25 months 
  • only 15 days away from our due date now.
  • full term:  mister is fully cooked!  its officially ok for him to make his grand entrance into our lives.  im getting more and more anxious to meet him!
  • his movement:  about the same as last week.  although, we are hoping for a big move soon.  we found out last week that mister is currently in the breech position.  our doctor advised us to go ahead and schedule a c-section and between now and then hope he flips over.  i have been doing all sorts of things to coax him into the proper position and im hoping it works.  {note - adjusting my mindset into being ok with a possible scheduled c-section was not something i took lightly.  husband and i thought, discussed and prayed and we are making the decision to trust my doctor and pray that mister turns or doesnt turn ... whatever God has planned.  so please, if you have something negative to say about this choice, keep it to yourself.  i choose to share this on my blog as a way to update our family and friends and to be open and honest as to what this pregnancy has been like for us.  please be respectful of this. thank you in advance for your kindness and support!}
  • my movement:  even though im moving slow and steady, i have been doing a lot of stretches, yoga poses and positioning myself in different ways to get this boy to flip.  as far as i can tell, his head is still right under my left rib (which might have something to do with the discomfort i was having).  
  • energy level:  not much change here.  still having a lot of days that i would love to nap and then short burst of motivation to mark something off the to do list. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • birthing class:  ... was pretty awesome.  i feel more prepared for delivery no matter what it looks like.  husband and i learned a lot of different ways to help get through contractions.  i also feel a lot more knowledgeable  about my options and how to talk to the staff.  all in all, the videos and the class were very informative and helpful.  i am glad we signed up for it. 
  • nursery:  im not longer stuck :)  cynthia came over last week and helped me decide on the final layout.  i was able to get the collage wall started this past weekend so all the prints and what not are up off the floor and on the wall!  the only thing im waiting for is my re-covered rocking  chair cushions ... and mister of course :) 
  • other:  this weekend i will start packing our hospital bag.  feel free to share some bag packing advice if you have any ... maybe you forgot something really important or packed an item that you were REALLY glad you thought of.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

high five for insta-friday

its friday!!!!

that means im linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share the little things that made my week awesome.

every wedesday morning i meet with 3 other ladies from our church for what we call mountain group.  we go through this discipleship workbook one chapter at a time to learn what a disciple looks like, how to become a disciple and help to create more disciples.  although the workbook is a great tool, what i really love about my mountain group are the people :)  we are walking through life together, encouraging each other and holding one another accountable.  i know for a fact that they care more about my character than my comfort.  our heart breaks for one another during hard times and we laugh a lot of mornings barely getting through that weeks lesson.  i am so very thankful for this group of women and our time together.  i look forward to leading my own mountain group in the future. 

puppy smiles always tug on my heart strings!

omar showing some love for daddy.

meeting new people at our block party.

full term has been reached!!!  today is the beginning of my 37th week of pregnancy.  that means that although my due date is a few weeks away, mister has been fully cooked and will survive quite nicely in the outside world. 
week 10 and week 37


life rearranged

Hello Hue Little Things

friday favorite things | finding joy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

36 weeks pregnancy update


  • 36 weeks = 9 months (22 more days until my due date)
  • mister should be about 6 lbs and more than 18.5 inches
  • his movement:  crazy.  i have really started to notice a shift in my stomach if he stretches out or leans a certain way.  
  • my movement:  i feel like i am officially starting to waddle.  its cool though ... its part of the process i guess :)
  • sleep:  better!  my doctor told me a couple of weeks ago that i can take tylenol pm or benadryl if i want to.  i havent been taking it every night but i have used it and i think its making a big difference.  i tend not to wake up just because im a little uncomfortable and it also helps with my racing mind. 
  • comfort:  i have been having a lot of discomfort around my ribs.  i know its pretty normal but it was really really hurting on sunday and monday morning.  the actual ribs being pushed out causes this numbing sensation that is just kind of annoying but i started getting these sharp stabbing pains under my left breast.  i called the doctor and they said it sounds like it has to do with my ribs and that i can take extra strength tylenol and use a heating pad on low and let them know if that doesnt help.  luckily, since i called, i havent had to take the medication because the stabbing pain stopped for now.  i plan on bringing it up at my next appointment. 
  • energy level:  highs and lows.  we had a pretty busy weekend that included walking all around the state fair.  i was able to get thru the day without slowing down the non-pregger peeps.  but i kinda paid for it because sunday i was wiped out and got nothing accomplished i wanted to. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • birthing class:  we attend the actual class this saturday afternoon.  we have been watching the videos that lead up to the class and have really learned a lot.  i will say that a little of me thinks my ignorance was bliss.  not that i dont like to be prepared ... but i have gone through this entire pregnancy without thinking or focusing on the end result ... as in a human is coming out of my body one way or another.  there is no getting around it so just have thought about having a baby instead of HAVING a baby.  im not getting scared but the videos are forcing me to think about the how and what which allows for a little anxiety to surface.
  • nursery:  im stuck!  in order to move forward, i have to commit to a furniture layout/placement.  after opening up our video monitor, i realize i need to take that into consideration and my brain refuses to put together a new placement for things.  luckily i have some friends that are willing to help me out with my silliness.   tonight, cynthia is coming over to get a new set of eyes on the room.  hopefully, by the end of the night, i will have committed to a plan.  
  • other:  i am looking for a good app that i can track contractions.  any suggestions?  

dear brother

have i told you lately how awesome you are?  

you, my dear brother, know how to push my buttons and make me mad enough to spit.  you also know how to make me laugh until my cheeks hurt and i almost pee my pants.  you play the role of this tough guy with your guns, trucks, hunting and harley but i know better.  i know you have a gentle heart, that you are kind and go out of your way for people.  i also know that God has such big plans for you ... He tells me so when i worry and pray for you.  He tells me that you are making a difference in people's lives, that your humor and tender heart touches people much deeper than they let on.  

i am so excited that mister will have you as an uncle.  im sure you will teach him lots of things that piss me off ... but you will also teach him things like how to find the best deer stand and how you can be a man and cry at the same time.  you will teach him that its ok to sit at the lunch room table with the kid that everyone picks on, be an athlete, love Jesus and be the life of the party {if you could skip the being naked part, i would appreciate it}.  i know you will teach him to be passionate and take life by the horns but also ways to be calm and reflect on what God has put in front of him.    

you are an incredible brother and role model for my son.  i cannot wait for him to meet you!

happy birthday brother!!!

photo taken by christine hall

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

block party

sunday evening, our small group hosted a block party.  i will admit that these last few weeks of pregnancy has been putting a strain on me physically and mentally, so i mostly sat back and took it all in. it was great to see the kids start a football game and the adults getting to know one another.  

so go ahead, its the perfect weather to grab some hot dogs, pumpkin brews and a cornhole set and meet your neighbors.  

wise wednesday

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