Thursday, October 18, 2012

36 weeks pregnancy update


  • 36 weeks = 9 months (22 more days until my due date)
  • mister should be about 6 lbs and more than 18.5 inches
  • his movement:  crazy.  i have really started to notice a shift in my stomach if he stretches out or leans a certain way.  
  • my movement:  i feel like i am officially starting to waddle.  its cool though ... its part of the process i guess :)
  • sleep:  better!  my doctor told me a couple of weeks ago that i can take tylenol pm or benadryl if i want to.  i havent been taking it every night but i have used it and i think its making a big difference.  i tend not to wake up just because im a little uncomfortable and it also helps with my racing mind. 
  • comfort:  i have been having a lot of discomfort around my ribs.  i know its pretty normal but it was really really hurting on sunday and monday morning.  the actual ribs being pushed out causes this numbing sensation that is just kind of annoying but i started getting these sharp stabbing pains under my left breast.  i called the doctor and they said it sounds like it has to do with my ribs and that i can take extra strength tylenol and use a heating pad on low and let them know if that doesnt help.  luckily, since i called, i havent had to take the medication because the stabbing pain stopped for now.  i plan on bringing it up at my next appointment. 
  • energy level:  highs and lows.  we had a pretty busy weekend that included walking all around the state fair.  i was able to get thru the day without slowing down the non-pregger peeps.  but i kinda paid for it because sunday i was wiped out and got nothing accomplished i wanted to. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • birthing class:  we attend the actual class this saturday afternoon.  we have been watching the videos that lead up to the class and have really learned a lot.  i will say that a little of me thinks my ignorance was bliss.  not that i dont like to be prepared ... but i have gone through this entire pregnancy without thinking or focusing on the end result ... as in a human is coming out of my body one way or another.  there is no getting around it so just have thought about having a baby instead of HAVING a baby.  im not getting scared but the videos are forcing me to think about the how and what which allows for a little anxiety to surface.
  • nursery:  im stuck!  in order to move forward, i have to commit to a furniture layout/placement.  after opening up our video monitor, i realize i need to take that into consideration and my brain refuses to put together a new placement for things.  luckily i have some friends that are willing to help me out with my silliness.   tonight, cynthia is coming over to get a new set of eyes on the room.  hopefully, by the end of the night, i will have committed to a plan.  
  • other:  i am looking for a good app that i can track contractions.  any suggestions?  


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