Thursday, October 18, 2012

dear brother

have i told you lately how awesome you are?  

you, my dear brother, know how to push my buttons and make me mad enough to spit.  you also know how to make me laugh until my cheeks hurt and i almost pee my pants.  you play the role of this tough guy with your guns, trucks, hunting and harley but i know better.  i know you have a gentle heart, that you are kind and go out of your way for people.  i also know that God has such big plans for you ... He tells me so when i worry and pray for you.  He tells me that you are making a difference in people's lives, that your humor and tender heart touches people much deeper than they let on.  

i am so excited that mister will have you as an uncle.  im sure you will teach him lots of things that piss me off ... but you will also teach him things like how to find the best deer stand and how you can be a man and cry at the same time.  you will teach him that its ok to sit at the lunch room table with the kid that everyone picks on, be an athlete, love Jesus and be the life of the party {if you could skip the being naked part, i would appreciate it}.  i know you will teach him to be passionate and take life by the horns but also ways to be calm and reflect on what God has put in front of him.    

you are an incredible brother and role model for my son.  i cannot wait for him to meet you!

happy birthday brother!!!

photo taken by christine hall

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  1. WOW...... No need to lie this one made me a bit teary eyed!!! This is very special and I can not tell you how awesome this made me feel! I can not wait to meet Mister as well and I look forward to many memories that we will build together as I do with Vincent! I am only the man I am today do to GREAT parents, GREAT sisters, and GREAT friends that have ALWAYS been there NO MATTER what, to pick me up when I am down and to keep me level headed when I get crazy!

    I have the best friends and family a man could ask for, people who love me for me and do not judge me, people who has dropped everything to help me, or given up plans to be there for me in some rough times, so to yall who help me be that person I am: Thank you all for answering the phone at all hours of the night (Especially you Elizabeth) and talking to me because I had to much to drink and needed to talk, and to the man you married who has been AMAZING and has been sure to go out of his way to help me (Thank God for that!) and thank all my family and friends for a judge free zone! Here I am 24 years old today and have the best support system between my family and friends that any man could ask for and I could be happy knowing that I would never make another because I am already truly loved by the ones I have!!!

    Thanks to each and everyone of you because with out yall my sister Elizabeth could have never said these nice things about me, because all my good qualities are just things ive learned over my short 24 years here and are the qualities that I have seen in my friends and family, I have just stolen them from all of you!

    A special thanks to ALL of "my people"! I know I dont say it enough so get ready.....I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU!!!


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