Monday, December 9, 2013

"shrinking women"

lily myers - "shrinking women"  source

Thursday, December 5, 2013

christmas wish list

our family has been very blessed this year.  i am sure if i walked through the mall i could point out a lot of things i want, but at the end of the day, there isnt much i need.  we tend to be practical wanters.  so here are a few items that have made there way onto my holiday wish list. 

cloth napkins / tea towels:  because we cut down on the amount of paper towels we buy and use, i really want some pretty cloth napkins and tea towels.  here are a few from etsy that i am in love with. 

feather screen printed dishtowels from michelle brusegaard
grey owl linen tea towel from sweet nature designs
screen printed organic cloth napkins from oh little rabbit
eco-friendly large cloth napkins from jaqs studio
eco-friendly large cloth napkins from jaqs studio

gdiaper supplies:  because we have been cloth diapering part time, a practical gift for our family would be the following gdiaper items.  

1 or 2 pairs of gpants - size large
m/l disposable inserts
2 swishsticks to help dissolve the disposable inserts

home depot gift cards:  because want/need a bathroom remodel in the basement, i am saving up for a new shower and installation.  

corner shower kit from home depot

what practical items are on your wish list this year? 
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