Monday, February 27, 2012

best. day. ever. {giveaway}

welcome to best. day. ever.  

how do you like my new do?  a big "thanks" to jess over at i rock so what, for a great job on my new banner.  

its kind of an exciting time here at my little corner of the world wide web.   i am only a month away from my two year blogiversary and this here post is my 300th!!!  can you believe it?  thats a lot of nonsense coming from my fingers to your eyes.  i wanted to say "thanks" to the peeps that have been here for a while and give a big "HEY THERE" to the newcomers.

are you wondering why the change of name?  well, im glad you asked :)  when i started this blog, i was doing a lot of seeking.  
  • i have found out a lot about myself on this journey and found a lot about God and how faithful He is to me even when i just flat out suck.  
  • i have taken some photos that i am really proud of and found a great way to serve others with the pictures i take.  
  • i have learned to be more creative with my style.
  • i have realized how to better love and serve my amazing husband. 
  • i have been reminded to not to take life so seriously.  
  • i have been inspired to serve my community and a heart to inspire others
dont get me wrong, i will always be "seeking" ... but this space has turned into so much more.  i want to share the good, the bad and the ugly and always know that it is up to me to make every day the best day ever.  i would like to inspire others to find joy in the little things.  a bit cheesy but oh so true.  

so whats next?  what can you expect from this change?  not too much.  i will still blog about everyday life, sharing stories, memories and pictures of my pups.  i will still post a lot about my style, family, things that inspire me and my faith.  you can expect a lot of sarcasm and misspelled words with hardly any punctuation with a high dose of silliness.  i would like to encourage you all to interact with me and leave plenty of comments.  i heart meeting new people!  i love hearing/reading your stories and love telling people about what God is doing in my life!  

so, welcome to best. day. ever.  grab some coffee or tea and stay a while.  

.... and now for the good stuff.  in honor of my 300th post and my face lift, i have decided to do my 2nd ever giveaway.  for those of you that follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter, you know that i recently had a accident with a special hand warming coffee mug {a dear to me gift from tara}.  it was the best mug ever!  

i always got the most compliments when i took the mug on outings ... like a lot of compliments.  so, i figured it would be a really great giveaway item along with a $20 gift card for itunes.  how bout it?  


that little pocket is for your fingers.  its like you hug your mug and it hugs you back.  FUN!  

how to enter:  
  • follow this here blog
  • leave a comment below between now and friday {march 2nd}.    
  • also include the following information:
    • email address
    • the color mug you like the best from the pics above
    • are you right handed or left handed?
    • the thing you are most looking forward to about spring. 
  • extra entry:  blog about this giveway and leave an additional comment below telling me so.
winner will be chosen randomly and announced next monday {march 5th}

giveaway open to readers with a US shipping address.



  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug!! especially the one that is green, blue and pink at the top. i just found your blog and am following you now!

  2. Hey there, cousin! :) I've been following your blog for a while now, though I must admit I haven't always kept up with it. I also have a bad un-habit of never (rarely) commenting, but just want to let you know that I have been blessed, amused, and inspired by your posts over time.

    Ironically, I just broke my favorite mug (also a simple clay pottery cupsie) a while back, and have been in mourning ever since! I like the brown and blue/brown mugs shown above, but am particularly hearting the brown/blue one. :)

    I'm right-handed, and my email is

    I am SO ready for Spring, and am looking forward to celebrating our first wedding anniversary! :) Of course, gardening/planting things is also nice... warm sunshine... beach trips... camping... yep. I'm so there! ;P

    Have a blessed day, pretty lady! Love you... <3


  3. Aww! what a great way to honor your favorite mug E! i think i like the first mostly brown one, i'm right handed, my email is and i think i'm mostly looking forward to wedding season starting back, my camera has been badly neglected the past couple of months and i'm ready to pick it up again. :)

  4. OMG - I am totally crazy about this mug, but I think I might have already told you that a few dozen times! I need a mug to hug :) I love them all & could care less which color!!
    I follow you, both here & around the office, haha!
    I'm a righty, but I think you know that too.
    My email is
    Now... randomly pick me please!!!

  5. Love the new look friend!

    Great giveaway too :) I'm a righty and my fav mug is the teal/brown (2nd on your list, I think). My e-mail is

    I think what I'm most looking forward to about spring is getting outside more - walks at the park, playground time, picnics, maybe a trip to the zoo! And getting to wear my flip flops to work, my feet really miss them!

  6. This is such a great giveaway. I found your blog from Words of Williams and I love it already! I'm right handed and my email address is I love the teal and blue mug. Spring is actually my least favorite season. I know I'm weird, but I love fall and winter so much! However, my husband and I will begin working in ministry this spring so I'm really looking forward to that. Thanks!

  7. I'm a follower. I think since the beginning. I receive email at, I like the blue one, and I am right handed.

    I guess I'm most looking forward to temperatures in spring. Though I guess that's not really something to look forward to this year since we haven't really had much of a winter. I mean, really, one snow?

  8. Oh, and I blogged about your giveaway over at

  9. These mugs are awesome....i want one!!!!!
    I like the teal mug best (2nd picture)
    I am right handed
    I look forward to taking Aydan to the park, having friends and family over for cook outs and reading on my back porch the most in spring!!

  10. Hi ya!!! :) Awesome giveaway... yay...
    I follow your blog daily and love seeing your updates.
    My favorite mug is the 2nd one with the beautiful aqua colors at the base. I am right handed.
    I am looking forward to a trip to the NC mountains with some friends - I would absolutely take this little guy with me to keep me company on the cabin porch each morning for my daily dose of coffee.

  11. Opps - the thing I'm most looking forward to about spring is FLIP FLOPS! Woot Woot!
    An added bonus for you - the thing I'm LEAST looking forward to about spring - sneezing.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The thing I'm most looking forward to about Spring is 'SPRING LOOOVE' - oh yeah! It's getting HOT IN HERE!

    I am loving the blue/turquoise mug. I'll take one please and thank you

  14. What a cool giveaway! My e-mail address is sbaum09[at]gmail[dot]com. I love the blue/turquoise one, the colors are just gorgeous! I'm right-handed :) For spring- I'm looking forward to not bringing a jacket everywhere! And lots of flowers :)

  15. Oh man what a fabulous mug! I love the blue and turquoise one. I'm right handed. I follow your blog and I hope I win!

    Oh and the thing I look forward to about spring is everything! Warm evenings outside with my daughter, shorts and sundresses, pretty flowers and sunshine!

    joann_newport at yahoo dot com

  16. blogged about this at is

    I like the brown mug. Congrats on post 300!

  17. Follow you!
    -Love the top right (brown and teal)
    -hubby and I are planting our first garden ever!

  18. Ok, I'll play, because, can you really ever have too many coffee mugs? My email is, I'm right handed, and like the mug on the top right the best.

    I'm looking forward to longer daylight in the evenings to take the boys outside to play after dinner!

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for doing this!

  19. I am following you on Google Friend Connect! : )

    1. My e-mail is

    2. I like the brown/bronze and blue colored mug shown aboce (the 2nd picture)

    3. I am right handed.

    4. I am looking forward to yellow daffodils. :) They are so pretty and so happy.

  20. How cool is that mug?!? I'm a follower, my email is flowers7886 at yahoo dot com, love the top right mug best, I'm right handed, and I'm looking forward to digging in my flower beds this spring!

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