Sunday, May 9, 2010


my mom is loving, kind, honest, compassionate, nurturing and silly. she has taught her children to be these things as well. when i say "her children," i dont just mean my sister, brother and i ... she has literally raised a village. her values have been instilled in the children of fremont and beyond. its people like this woman, my mother, that make our tomorrow better.

my favorite thing about my mother is that her laughter is contagious. i can remember sitting in church as a little girl and dad giving me "the look" like im being too loud or silly. mom tried ... to give me "the look" but sometimes, instead, the entire pew would start to shake. you see, my mother laughs with her entire body, then she starts tearing up and can no longer speak. it makes my heart smile thinking about it :)

above is one of my favorite recent photos of my mother. it was taken at my wedding. a "pelican" or very large bird relieved himself and it landed on mom's head. she was so graceful about it ... and of course, could not stop laughing. below are a few other shots from the wedding. thanks to christine hall (my cuz) for capturing these moments.

i was reminded early today how precious mothers are and how blessed i am to be surrounded by strong women who teach me every day. i have the most amazing mother-in-law whom i love dearly. oh, and dont even get me started about my sister ... she is my freaking hero.

so to my mother and all the other motherly women in my life, with all my heart, thank you!

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