Wednesday, May 26, 2010

getting settled

wow! its been a crazy couple of weeks.

a few thoughts:
  • i hate moving
  • i love moving
  • i am a slack blogger
we have most of our stuff moved into the new place. now the battle is to find a place for everything and convincing mailey that its ok to poop and pee in the backyard. she was out there 45 minutes last night and refused. i think she is feeling more and more comfortable in the house, but she has no clue the backyard is there for her pleasure. hopefully, friday we will be able to get the fence repaired and let her loose more. then saturday will be spent making the yard a little more homey for her and us. we are looking forward to getting the apartment completely cleaned out this weekend and bringing home the vacuum cleaner!

mailey being stubborn
husband is on week 2 of school. i think cramming a semester worth of info into 5 weeks is a little overwhelming. because of the stress, he has been pulling on his beard and says its getting on his nerves ... so i think he is shaving it today :( on the plus side, its been a while since ive seen his hansom face. i wonder if he will have a massive tan line leaving a temporary shrine to the hair that once was.

1 comment:

  1. Tango had a hard time getting use to the backyard when we moved too. He did not want tot be out there alone and we had to stand with him to go to the bathroom. It slowly is getting better


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