Friday, May 7, 2010

to be a better blogger

seriously, im horrible!

i dont believe in astrological signs and the zodic nonsense but sometimes i feel the gemini in me coming out. i often start something and fail to follow through. i get all excited about a new project or hobby and then it slowly trickles out of my bloodstream until i have past the point of no return.

well here i am! and i refuse to quit blogging. i will embrace life, continue to grow in my relationship with God and take photos. and i will document these accounts and more in my blog, period!

tonight, my brother and his gf are coming for a visit. we will head downtown to the first friday night art gallery walk. i WILL take my camera and have lots of good things to share with you.

for now i will tell you that the artist husband and i look forward to the most is linda ruth dickinson. i could literally stare at her paintings for months. its been a while since we have been, so i am giddy to see her new stuff.

here are 2 paintings i love from her website:



stay tuned!

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