Thursday, October 25, 2012

37 week pregnancy update

  • 37 weeks = 9.25 months 
  • only 15 days away from our due date now.
  • full term:  mister is fully cooked!  its officially ok for him to make his grand entrance into our lives.  im getting more and more anxious to meet him!
  • his movement:  about the same as last week.  although, we are hoping for a big move soon.  we found out last week that mister is currently in the breech position.  our doctor advised us to go ahead and schedule a c-section and between now and then hope he flips over.  i have been doing all sorts of things to coax him into the proper position and im hoping it works.  {note - adjusting my mindset into being ok with a possible scheduled c-section was not something i took lightly.  husband and i thought, discussed and prayed and we are making the decision to trust my doctor and pray that mister turns or doesnt turn ... whatever God has planned.  so please, if you have something negative to say about this choice, keep it to yourself.  i choose to share this on my blog as a way to update our family and friends and to be open and honest as to what this pregnancy has been like for us.  please be respectful of this. thank you in advance for your kindness and support!}
  • my movement:  even though im moving slow and steady, i have been doing a lot of stretches, yoga poses and positioning myself in different ways to get this boy to flip.  as far as i can tell, his head is still right under my left rib (which might have something to do with the discomfort i was having).  
  • energy level:  not much change here.  still having a lot of days that i would love to nap and then short burst of motivation to mark something off the to do list. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • birthing class:  ... was pretty awesome.  i feel more prepared for delivery no matter what it looks like.  husband and i learned a lot of different ways to help get through contractions.  i also feel a lot more knowledgeable  about my options and how to talk to the staff.  all in all, the videos and the class were very informative and helpful.  i am glad we signed up for it. 
  • nursery:  im not longer stuck :)  cynthia came over last week and helped me decide on the final layout.  i was able to get the collage wall started this past weekend so all the prints and what not are up off the floor and on the wall!  the only thing im waiting for is my re-covered rocking  chair cushions ... and mister of course :) 
  • other:  this weekend i will start packing our hospital bag.  feel free to share some bag packing advice if you have any ... maybe you forgot something really important or packed an item that you were REALLY glad you thought of.  


  1. Moisturizer, real shampoo (not the hospital kind), comb, hair clips, change of nightshirt, socks, robe (lightweight), water bottle, the best nursing bra you can afford, snacks and more snacks.

    Hospitals are noisy, smelly, busy places, so take along things that will help you relax and not feel like a stranger. If you're having a c-section you'll be there for a few days, so why not pack for comfort?

  2. Piggy backing on what Tiff said - YES to the "real" shampoo! I was also glad I brought a small bar of my own soap. If you take socks, make sure they're the skid proof ones or pack some bedroom shoes. I got new slippers with each pregnancy just for the hospital. When everything else felt weird, it was comforting to have some new fuzzy slippers to wear! Strechy waist "athletic" pants are a must! To be honest, I took magazines & never had the time (or interest) in looking at them; I'd rather stare at my beautiful new babe or zone out watching mindless tv without anyone telling me they wanted to watch Elmo/Jake/Mickey/whatever... (get ready - it's coming!).
    Saw something today that made me think of you - "If plan A doesn't work out, don't worry - the alphabet has 25 more letters." Maybe it wasn't in the plans for you to have plan A. Maybe plan C (section) is what was SUPPOSED to happen... Who knows? Not us :) Maybe plan V will happen... who cares as long as Mister is healthy, and you're healthy, and Mark is happy with his healthy baby & wife :)
    Love you & can't wait to meet the little guy!!!

  3. Um 1. You look GREAT.
    2. C-sections are almost as natural as "natural" births now-a-days. Don't be scared about that choice - if it's whats best and healthiest for baby and mama that's how it's gotta be! Good luck to you all..sending my love!

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