Monday, October 25, 2010

stop, pumpkin time!

our most recent date night consisted of staying in, ordering a pizza from lilly's and carving pumpkins.

the finished product!  

what a perfect date night.  we were able to enjoy each others company, not spent too much money AND get a feeling of accomplishment.  we set the jack-o-lanterns out on the porch and took mailey to do her business.  this way we were able to see how awesome they looked to random people that just happen to walk by the house.  

side note:  last night i noticed that some animal has been chewing on my pumpkin ... what the devil!!!!  it has a huge chunk missing in the back and part of the circle has been nibbled on.  if i want this thing to last until next sunday night, i may have to bring it in doors for protection.  


  1. Couple things~ 1) Your owl pumpkin is uber cute. Before it was lit up (5th picture), I thought you made a face of a guy with an uni-brow. I was wrong. It was waaaay cuter.

    2)It's probably squirrels eating your pumpkins. I have that problem each year. This year, I took a mixture of vegetable oil and cayenne pepper and glazed the pumpkin before setting it out. No squirrel bites this year! Wooo.

  2. love your owl pumpkin!
    hate the bat pumpkin..only because it reminds me of mine that is no more! just joking! they look great!

    hope yours make to next sunday

  3. love the artists who created the great pumpkins!


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