Friday, June 11, 2010


i consider my first DIY project for the house a success. i am quite pleased ... take a look.



this is the only room that is almost put together ... which makes me want to sit in there at all times. the chairs, table and green bottles came from my grandmother's house. the shelves came from michael's about 7 years ago for about $5 each.

the last step is to find better artwork for the wall beside the window and chair pads. i think the chair pads or cushions are going to be difficult to find. i really want something that will bring in some brown and red from the living room, yet still looks great with the teal and black. this tiny breakfast nook is right off the living room and i want it to flow nicely.

any ideas on how to make a brown-based room and a black-based room flow? my idea: YELLOW! :) i love yellow walls or yellow room accents ... but i have zero desire to paint the living room walls.


  1. looks good! let me know if you need any help...i love decorating!

  2. Lizard! I love it. This is fab. When I buy my big girl house you will have to give me tips.


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