Friday, October 29, 2010

flash back friday ~ happy halloween!

in honor of the holiday, i decided it would be fun to look into my childhood and see some of the costumes i have worn over the years.  

i must admit that after my father sent these pics to me, my cheeks were hurting from smiling.  seriously, we had some good times!  

in no particular order: 
captain hook, mickey and minnie

i was dorothy, sister, glenda the good witch and allen (omg, look how tiny he is) was dressed as the cowardly lion.

this costume was a recycled school play costume ... i was dressed as mary poppins.

can we talk about the fact that this pic was taken at our church.  i love that my mother had no qualms about showing up as a scary demon witch at our church fellowship hall  

i  must add that she almost gets stabbed wearing this costume.  she showed up while a bunch of teenagers were watching scary movies ... not too smart. 
mom, after she decided to go straight ... and a little more mom like and boring.  
my bro and i (can we talk about how much my nephew looks like him)
little bro as raggedy andy

sister as a cowgirl and me as raggedy anne

not really sure what i dressed up as, but blast it all, aint i cute :0)
thanks mom for always being creative and never letting us settle for store bought costumes!!!


  1. love it. you make me want to dive into old albums at my mom's house!

  2. what shannon said!

    and that is the cutest, tiniest lion i have ever seen.


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