Thursday, March 29, 2012

making waves

here is something i am loving right now: 
marc anthony dream waves beach spray
as i have mentioned before, my hair does not curl well.  so i am a sucker for new ideas to give my locks a little umf!  i was in rite aid and saw a bottle of the dream waves beach spray by marc anthony for only $12.  the box said "Even the straightest hair can achieve sexy, fresh-from-the-beach, tousled waves" and i said "yeah right" ... out loud, in the store.  BUT i had just returned something and so i felt that i had the extra $12 to spare.  let me tell you, it really works.  i use this stuff every other day for "dirty hair day" and it works like a charm.  now, dont get me wrong, it took a couple of weeks to get the perfect combination to make it look great.  like, how wet my hair should be and how much spray to use?  i never thought i could get my hair to look beach wavy without paying for a body wave.  and the best part, this stuff is reasonably priced.  i have been getting quite a few compliments at the office wondering what im doing differently and my answer usually consists of "i have to tell you about this new product im using ... blah blah, dream waves, blah, marc anthony!"

a not very great shot of what my hair looks like today for kristina and crystal :)
ps - ulta's website sells this product for only $8.99

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