Wednesday, February 15, 2012

overnight curls

jess, over at i rock so what did the no heat curl the other night and i was inspired.  at this point, i feel like, along with the blogger bun (which i have tried), the head-band-no-heat-overnight-curl is a must, if i want to call myself a real blogger.  

without further ado  

i must share with you that my hair does NOT curl well.  the initial act of curling is always so awkward and then after all that work, it doesnt hold for any significant amount of time.  this was different!  it was soooo easy to do and it stayed curled all day. 

once it feel out a bit, it ended up giving me a farrah fawcett look.  i guess i was/am completely ok with that though because i did it again today.


 you can watch the paper mama's tutorial here


here are a couple of pics from my valentine's day:


  1. I've been seeing this all over the internetz. Makes me kinda wish I had long hair again.

  2. I have been using that technique for a few weeks now, works like a charm. :)

  3. thats so cool it worked! I might have to try... knowing my sleeping habits my hair will just be a tangled mess when I wake up


  4. Very imaginative, great picture, I like! !

  5. Your pups make my heart melt. They are precious! And thanks for your thoughts during this hard time with my pups. I so appreciate it! xo

  6. WHOA - that was no heat?? They look marvelous! Mainly coming from a girl with very straight hair, who is mighty jealous!


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