Tuesday, June 12, 2012

guest post: diy jewelry keeper

Hi, best.day.ever. readers! I'm Janelle - a follower and servant of Jesus Christ, devoted Army wife, barefoot nature and animal lover, keeper of the wee shop Gipsy Wind Handmade, and Elizabeth's cousin-in-law. ;) She asked me to share a little something with you all while she's enjoying some time away this week/weekend, so here's a DIY bit for making a jewelry keeper from twine and an old wooden picture frame.

Do-it-yourself decorative jewelry keeper! 

Supplies needed:
- old wooden picture frame, any size
- jute twine
- small nails
- hammer

(I apologize in advance for having no photos from during the process!) I used an old wooden frame without backing (thrifted for less than a dollar), and hammered eight small nails (four on each side) at an angle into the back, near the inside edge of the frame. Taking a length of the twine, I tied one end of it to one of the top nails and wove the twine between the nails in a boxed zig-zag pattern. After tying the twine on the last nail, I used the hammer to bend the nails in (or out, depending on their direction). This is to prevent the twine from slipping off the nails and to allow the frame to lay against the face of the wall (though I am considering putting small foam blocks on the frame's inner corners to bring it off the wall just a bit... it'd make hanging the earrings a bit easier!).

And that's it! Easy-peasy, practical and decorative. Here are a few more do-it-yourself ideas/inspiration for jewelry keepers (found on Pinterest):

an old (or new) picture frame and twigs.

screw eyepins into the bottom side 
of a wooden hanger.

repurposed picture frame with wire mesh 
fastened to the back.

fabric doily lace secured to the back 
of an old frame.

a set of twigs or small branches secured to wall.

tutorial for necklace holder made with old wood and drawer knobs.

(For even more DIY project ideas, check out my crafty and practical projects and sewing and clothing projects boards on Pinterest.)

Happy creating! :)


  1. AMAZING! This is a wonderful idea. Why didn't I think of something like this before anyway? lol... As a scrap platinum buyer, I could easily find pieces that maybe of use for the designing of my jewelry keeper. ahh, I am so happy now.. By the way I like that set of twigs design.. It is very beautiful.

  2. Those are fabulous ideas.. I never thought that an old woo could be of use such as that..Very useful blog you have here,thank you for sharing. I'm an online platinum buyer and I really appreciate every unique piece or creative work.

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