Tuesday, July 3, 2012

growing baby bump 1-20 weeks

ok, maybe just week 13 thru 20 of the growing baby bump. 

it feels so much bigger than what the pictures show. 
i tried to find a way to make these photos side by side but it didnt work.  blogger kinda hates me that way and i suck at html.  i would have kept looking but this post was created during my lunch at work and i was getting some sketchy search responses.  hopefully i shut it down before any damage was done.  does anyone know of a resource for html dummies about creating a table in blogger?  if so, please share.  thanks!  

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  1. Beautiful mama! I love seeing the bump pics side by side (or stacked! ;)), and being able to see the belly progression and the baby's growth. <3 I don't know much of anything about html codes either, but I do know you can create collages for free on picmonkey.com. They have different formats, including ones where you can put photos side by side... just pull the edges of the frame 'til the photo fits the way you want it to. (The more photos you choose, the smaller it will look... but it should save as the actual size.) Hope this helps! :)


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