Tuesday, July 17, 2012

birthing class

we plan to have mister at rex hospital and i was looking into their birthing classes.  i might have even waited too late but i thought about calling this week to sign up for one.  then i got to thinking about all the information that is out there via the internet and also our friends and family that have recently had children.  do we really need to pay $85 to learn things we can learn for free over the internet?  i would like to ask you mothers out there what your thoughts are about birthing classes.  did you sign up for one?  if so, was it helpful?  if not, did you regret it?  keep in mind that i have not yet witnessed a childbirth in real life so my own will be my first :)

note:  if you would like to leave a comment that answers the questions above and is helpful, please do.  it is not my intention to open this up to a hospital vs. birthing center/home birth discussion.  i do not judge anyone that decides to have their child outside of a hospital and i am not opening this up for your opinions on what people might think is best for me and my family.  thank you in advance for being respectful!  


  1. We took the birthing class and we are glad we did. One, they give you an in-depth tour of the facilities and it was nice to "know" where we were when the day had come.

    Second, I learned proper breathing techniques in case I didn't go with an epidural. In my situation, I tried for an epi, but it didn't take, so I needed those breathing techniques to get me through child birth.

    I'm on team birthing classes!

  2. I waited to late and couldn't get into one so we just made an appointment for the hospital tour instead. I don't think I would have regretted it if we had done it but, for me, it turned out not to be necessary anyway. The hospital tour helped become familiar with the hospital (since I'd never been there for anything) and the prenatal nurse working the day I had Grant was super helpful and was there any time I needed her (and I know for a fact that she had plenty of other patients besides me). Since they were watching me to see if I'd need a c-section she even sat down - literally pulled up a stool to talk - and explained the process to me start to finish. I was nervous about not signing up for the classes since this was my first so I talked to my doctor about it and he told me that the prenatal nurse(s) would be very helpful - and they were! That is not to say I'm anti-classes. I have no doubt they'd be helpful. But having waited too late myself, I did ok without them.

    (FYI: Rex shows you a super in-depth childbirth video at the hospital tour. I had to watch it while sitting between Husband AND HIS MOM.)

    1. its nice to know they go over those things in case it is too late. thanks for sharing.

      and yes, i bet that video viewing was a bit awkward. lol!

  3. Not a mother, but we took one at WakeMed before Finn was born and found it extremely valuable (both of us did). It's a pretty overwhelming task, you know, having a baby and all, and spending some time with other first time couples, in the environment with a trained instructor, really helped ease some fears. I'd highly recommend it!


  4. I took the birthing classes at Rex and was glad I did. They go over all of the transitions during birth, breathing techniques and also infant facts. You could probably find it all on the web but sometimes it's nice to get a "hands-on" experience.

  5. Brad has already told you his opinion, but I will chime in too. The birthing class was helpful to me because it educated me about birth plans. You can find samples online, but the class instructor was an experienced doula and nurse and knew what key things WakeMed was looking for in birth plans and yes the nurses and doctor actually did read our birth plans. Another aspect of the birth class was learning about how to take care of the little one after they are born, particularly certain areas that may require special attention like the belly button. You may also develop a friendship with some of the other expectant parents in your class, which is really nice for after baby arrives and you want to start arranging play dates. I would recommend the birthing class.

  6. My parents went to classes, and they loved them. I think it also gave them an extra dose of confidence.

  7. I didn't go to classes, either time. I did go on the Rex Hospital tour, both times (they have an excellent big brother/big sister tour/program!). In my case, I didn't end up needing the class for either birth. I had never seen a birth before either (aside from TLC's Baby Story). Honestly, I wasn't interested in taking them. #1. I'm far too immature to watch a video on birthing & #2. I feel like your body knows what to do. Your body will naturally try to get that little guy out. Whether that happens successfully or not will have nothing to do with a childbirth class. HOWEVER... this is just my opinion. I have friends that have taken the class & loved it. What does your OB suggest??? What do YOU & Mark think is best for you??? Those are the important questions.... but you already know that ;)


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