Monday, July 16, 2012

flea market find

like most bloggers, i do enjoy a good thrift or flea market adventure. well, a few months ago i found this large "e" at our local flea market.  i forgot exactly how much i paid for it but i remember it was less than $10.  in fact, it might have been $10 for both mine and my sister's ... she picked out this "n" (which i guess could also be a "u").
sadly, it has taken me way too long to clean it up and find a place for it.  i think i may hang it later, but until then, it now has a home in my closet room. leaned up against the wall under my scarves.  
i really need to get back into the flea market swing.  there are a few projects that will take some time to get together ... like this one

have you found any awesome flea market finds recently?  

1 comment:

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