Friday, September 3, 2010

dear sister,

remember ...
  • when we used to play "nonchalantly ______."  HA!  it makes me smile every time i think about walking around the mall with my arm in the air. 
  • after you got your license, we went to eat chinese buffet every tuesday night ... just the 2 of us. 
  • when we were in the car and you were mad at me, i had to do that dance to make you talk to me and then we would laugh the rest of the night. 
  • putting up a pillow in bed as a barrier when we were mad. 
  • laughing until mom and dad came in to yell at us. 
  • that period of time when we didnt see each other or talk much?  ... i missed you! 
  • everyday, how beautiful you are. 
  • how calm and brave you were when they told you it was too late for the epidural.
  • our weekend trips to new bern and chocowinity.
  • that time we rode the amusement park ride and you drooled on me :)
  • the secrets we shared.
  • that you will always be my sister and best friend!  

life has come between us in the past but God fills the gap, always.  you are my sister, friend, mentor, accountability partner and my hero.  i think God every day for repairing what was once broken.  


as with most of the great photos on my blog, these photos were taken by christine hall

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