Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dos of 30

necklace:  mommed
blouse: thrifted
skirt:  thrifted
boots: kohls

when i was picking thru the skirt rack at goodwill i came across this awesome green skirt.  i almost put it back until i saw it was part of an official girl scouts of america uniform.  FUN!  


  1. Love it! Who knew you could take a girl scout skirt and make it look good! You are so smart! XO

  2. I just love your blog! *Scouts honor*
    I have been following for a little while, and love the trueness of your style and life. It's inspiring.
    I pass this on to you, because you are great.

    thanks for sharing your insights and the like. I for one, love it!

  3. love this green skirt, looks great on you, great find!


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