Monday, April 16, 2012

etsy ecstasy

i found this picture on pinterest and fell in love.  i love pretty plates but have always associated them being on display as something old ladies do (no offense to elderly ladies).  this picture shows a fresh and modern way to show off some really great finds. 

original source
as always, i went straight to etsy to be inspired.  the wall i would be displaying plates on is a deep purple color and connects our living room and dining room area.  after finding a few items to finish off the living room, i think something like this (along with a few other projects) would give our dining room more of a polished feel. 

here are some plates i found on etsy that i would totally hang on my wall:

click the pics to shop

elephants and french hot air balloons - from black baroque
english traditional floral plate - lion fish 53 vintage

vintage scandinavian polka dot plate - oak street vintage

vintage wall plate - zuppa atelier
vintage red transferware plate - english transferware
mid century cockerel plate - hazel home
vintage sage transferware - english transferware
vintage copper hammer stamped metal - hippopo vintage
i plan to start searching for plates at my local goodwill and flea markets and then finish off with a few special pieces that are from etsy. 

happy monday!!!


  1. Great idea! I love the one with the banner on it (4th one on your list)! I've had that one saved in my Etsy favorites for a while. It's so pretty!

  2. It looks so fantastic!! My mom has a plate wall as well so I am sending this post over to her. She will totally adore it. Have a great morning, my dear.


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