Sunday, April 24, 2011

16) inspiration

day 16 - a picture of someone who inspires you

readers, meet cynthia.  
if i had to choose someone who currently inspires me, it would be this awesome lady.  not only is she adorable, she is beautiful, inside and out.  she is creative, loving, generous, has a contagious smile ... and best of all, she has a huge heart for God!  

thank you cynthia for not telling me, but showing me, what being a Christ follower looks like.  you allow him to shine thru you and i see it every time we are together.   also, thank you for challenging me to love more like Christ and then giving me opportunities to act on it.

30 day photo challenge participants:
dana @ hancock heir
sheelah @ mcmiss
gina @ handprints on the wall

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