Monday, November 24, 2014

imogene ellen

its been almost 4 months and i have yet to introduce to you our new bundle of joy.  

here are a few tid bits about her and how things have been going: 
  • she is named after my grandmother and my mother-in-law. 
  • her arrival was wonderful and uneventful. 
  • henry calls her "geen" or "sister" and is really getting the hang of being a big brother. 
  • she likes to be held by henry even when it doesnt look comfy at all. 
  • she was a bit fussy the first 4 weeks.  we (the docs and i) decided she must be having reflux issues.  the medicine helped a lot but i think she is finally outgrowing it. we stopped giving her medicine this past week.  
  • the kids have a shared nursery but she still sleeps in our room. 
  • she finally has outgrown her bassinet so we just moved her crib to a corner in our room. 

so here she is in all her cuteness, a ridiculous amount of pictures of imogene ellen.  


  1. How have you not completely exploded from the cuteness yet??

  2. Love. That last picture has to go in a frame, for real.

  3. What a beautiful blessing!!! Love the pics.

  4. So beautiful!! I'm so happy I came to your blog to see these. Thank you.

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