Thursday, July 24, 2014

pregnancy update: 37 weeks

pregnancy update: 
  • currently 37 weeks pregnant = 9.25 months
  • sister should be about the size of a winter watermelon, right around 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches long.   
  • weight gained so far: about 35 lbs
  • movement:  lots of hiccups lately
  • food cravings:  maybe more sweet stuff.  almost every night this week i have had a swiss cake roll and a glass of milk.
  • sleep:  not too bad.  if i get too uncomfortable i can take a tylenol pm.  however, i found out yesterday that i have been snoring like crazy so poor husband hasnt been getting as much sleep.  
  • comfort:  this has been a big change in the last week.  i cant seem to get comfortable.  i am about ready to burn my bras and i cannot get up or down without letting out a grunt.  
  • heartburn:  it got bad once this week but other then that, its fine.
  • mood/emotions:  im feeling pretty good although those around me might say ive been a little dramatic than usual.  
  • energy level:  lower than usual 
  • belly button:  none.  ok, so something is there but its flattened out to almost nothing. 
  • stretch marks:  no
  • swelling:  some
  • wedding rings:  i took off my rings this week finally.  i could have lasted a bit longer but there was no point in pushing it.  the last thing i want to do is have to get them cut off.  
  • work days left: 8
  • best news ever:  we found childcare!!!!!  this has been my biggest stress over the past 2 months and now i just get to be excited for the arrival of our sweet baby girl.  *whew*

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  1. I cannot wait for you to have sister! I want to know her name!!!


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