Friday, July 25, 2014

high five for insta-friday

i'm linking up with lauren and jeannett to share five things that made this week awesome

ONE:  i finally made it out to the art museum on friday night to watch a movie on the lawn.  raleigh offers so much and i rarely take advantage of it.  i took this photo in the parking lot while i was waiting for my friend.  it was such beautiful night to sit outside.  

TWO:  my parents were leaving for vacation and klaus needed to go to the vet.  so saturday we packed up the family and headed to my hometown.  on the way back to raleigh, husband insisted that klaus would be more comfortable if he was able to walk around instead of being in a crate (that cat is spoiled rotten).  as soon as we let him out, he jumped up in henry's lap and stayed there most of the drive.  i had to pull him up front when henry started to give him a "hug" which kind of turned into a loving strangle.  we are lucky we have such a patient kitty!!! 

THREE:  i cant hate on the fact that klaus is spoiled because i know that husband spoils me too.  since we found out that i was pregnant, i get an average of 6 foot rubs a week.  i mean, my husband is the bomb.  lately he has been teaching henry that he can rub on my feet too and "show mamma that he loves her."  

FOUR:  the week was starting to feel like it would never end and then i got this sweet pic from our sitter.  it made my day!  

FIVE:  watching someone you love really enjoy food you made for them.  

have a great weekend!!!

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