Friday, November 12, 2010

flash back friday

today, i would like to continue to honor veterans day by sharing with you some picture and words from my father.  

As I remember Veteran's Day this year, 2010, I realize how very blessed I was.  I served my country for 4 years from 1969-1973 in the U. S. Navy as a Communications Technician for the Naval Security Group.  I never set foot on a ship, made the best friendships of my life, spent time in Pensacola, Florida, Taiwan (where these pictures were taken), Keflavik, Iceland, and Northwest Receiver Facility, near Chesapeake, Va. where I met Carol {my mom}.  In the top picture, I had just made rank with Dennis Haley and George Shaffer.  We were pleased for the pay increase of probably about $28-$30 month.  The bottom picture was taken on July 4th at a picnic at the Beach held by our command for the groups that were not working.  L-R is John Hall, myself with NCSU T shirt, Pat Zulkowski, and Larry "Buck" Thrasher.  We worked hard and played hard.  We trusted each other implicitly and shared many things together.

While I was on a couple of missions when in Iceland, never was I in any real danger.  During the time that I was in, Viet Nam was ongoing.  Many friends and classmates participated in that conflict and they were in constant danger.  Ed Smith from our class did not return from Viet Nam and I hope some day to honor him at the Memorial Wall in DC.  I had the best of all worlds.  I grew up a lot in the service, established lasting friendships, and saw a good part of the world including a short visit to Spain.  Many who served long before me, during my time, and since in our current conflicts gave the ultimate sacrifice and we as a country should be very grateful.  While we may and should question the leadership of our politicians who place our men and women in harm's way, we can never question the valor and every day dedication of our men and women in uniform.  I get very emotional when I see a montage of pictures and videos describing the conditions and sacrifice of our former and present heroes.  That is what they are.  I was not a hero, just one who chose and had the opportunity to serve.  God Bless our troops and may God forever wrap his arms around those who have paid that greatest sacrifice.

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this with us. Your dad was always so good with his words because they come from his heart. I received many great lessons in my young years from the military but the greatest blessing I received from serving with you father was a friend who is closer than a brother. Not only do I love him but I love all of you. Or is that "you-all". Seriously, we are blessed if we have just one person we can call our friend, God has blessed me with a whole family! Thanks again for sharing. We love you Uncle John and Aunt Linda


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