Thursday, November 11, 2010

dear husband,

thank you for:
  • sunday afternoon walks
  • willingly participating in loud, large family gatherings
  • being so handsome
  • spending time to play with vincent
  • being so supportive
  • taking me fishing

  • taking care of me
  • letting me hang out and be one of the guys

  • making me laugh

  • being a good role model for my brother

  • and most of all, for your service to our country!

to husband and all my family and friends that have and will risk your life for my freedom, 
thank you and happy veterans day!  


  1. Beautiful. Thank your husband for me, too ... he doesn't know who I am, of course, but I appreciate what he did, so much.

    And tell him too that my favorite kinds of husbands are the ones that rock a full beard. YEEEAH! ;)

  2. What a beautiful post! Give thanks to your hubby from me, too. Today, my students are writing letters to soldiers to thank them for their service!

    G J A


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