Thursday, November 11, 2010

day four

scarf: target
sweater: target
skirt: american eagle
tights: i forget
socks: target
boots: target

ha!  can you tell i shop at target a lot?  

now that i have seen a photo, im not too crazy about this remix.  the bad part is, i have been wearing a similar version of this outfit for the past year or so.  i guess that makes it not really qualified as a "remix."  but because its warm, comfy and not a horrible try, i shall wear it for the remainder of the day.  


  1. Thanks for your comment! I LOVE Target, too. I've gotten so many great things from there.

    Also, love the background and color scheme of your blog! So feminine and beautiful.

    G J A

  2. I think it looks warm and cosy, I wouldn't worry if it's something you've worn a lot, as long as you like the outfit and you're comfortable in it.
    It's cute outfit!

  3. I love the socks a little higher than the boots. Too cute. And the skirt is a great color!

  4. I imagine I'm going to be making a whole bunch of outfits out of the 30 catering more to comfort and warmth than sheer originality.
    It's cute!

  5. haha i just love all your outfits...can you tell?

    simple, casual, yet still chic. and i, too, am guilty of spending a lot of money in target :)

  6. Hey girl, thanks for the encouragement. Starting something new is kind of intimidating. Your outfits are super cute and I will keep watching for inspiration!

  7. Hey Elizabeth, thanks so much for checking out my blog!! I don't know what you're talking about here, I love this outfit. Especially the fall colors :) And I am a total Targetaholic, too!

  8. well i'm in love with this look and i might try it tomorrow :)


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