Thursday, August 12, 2010

... getting to know me, getting to know all about me

uninteresting and silly facts about me:
  1. i giggle every time someone says "duty."  especially, when the word is used in military conversation or any serious context.  the more somber the mood ... the more i giggle.
  2. i love spinning toddlers around and then watch them try to walk
  3. i despise my handwriting 
  4. i could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. one of the first things i notice about someone is their pant/shoe combination. 
  6. its a little scary and unhealthy how excited i get about food. 
  7. i really dont have a style (although, im working on it).  deep inside me lives many style personalities and i dont have the skill nor cajonies to mesh them all together.  
  8. i despise working out.  i always can think of 73.5 things i need to do or would rather be doing. 
  9. i have known husband since the 6th grade and if someone would have told me he would end up husband, i probably would have kicked them in the shin. 
  10. if i was ever given an extra $10 in change at walmart (and only there) im pretty sure i would not give it back.  i would hope they were trying to repay me for the time they have stolen from my life, standing in their blasted lines. 
  11. if i had a theme song it would be float on by modest mouse. 
  12. i think that ethnic babies/children are cuter than caucasians babies/children 75% of the time ... not trying to be a racist, just sayin
  13. i think in another life i was a pirate or ninja ... or maybe a pirate ninja
  14. in elementary school, when it was time to get my eyes checked, i would stare at the lights while waiting in line, hoping i would have to get glasses.
  15. husband was never my boyfriend, before he was husband. 
  16. if i was an animal, i think i would be a llama.
  17. bartok the magnificent was one of my very favorite movies ... at the age of 20.  i just love that little bat
  18. i used to be a baton twirler and almost won a pageant because i was that good at it.  
  19. i would rather hang out with someone i dont even like than be by myself for too long ...
  20.  ... except on car rides.  i enjoy driving by myself and singing what i want to sing as loud as i want to sing it (and sometimes i talk to myself). 


  1. I thought I was the only one to do the "stare at the lights" thing to try and get glasses as a kid. It never worked. I was always jealous of the kids that had glasses, even though they hated them. And I still have 20/20 vision. It isn't fair!

  2. that makes me feel a little more sane, thanks! i made it as far to the eye doc one time but it didnt stick. AND when i shared this with my mom a few years ago she got a little mad because, at the time, i didnt realize it cost money to go to the eye doc. i also have 20/20 vision ... maybe we are being punished :)

  3. I lied on my eye exam to get glasses. It wasn't a smart tactical move. I ended up with many headaches because of those large blue glasses.


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