Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ode to jen

dear jen,
its your birthday and you are my friend.
we go together like a pocket protector and pen.
the end!


  • when you cheered for norwayne with us.
  • when we stole the coca cola umbrella from the gas station on the way home from the water park. 
  • when i called you in the middle of the night last year and you were there for me.
  • when we flew to vegas and you were wearing that silly sweatshirt the whole day.
  • when we both flew on a plane for the first time together. 
  • that time you needed a ride from the airport and called me.  i was asleep and told you i would come get you, when in fact, i thought i dreamed the whole thing. 
  • when we rolled down that hill at the winery and then took pictures posing as american eagle models.
  • ... "senior, you forgot my skirt"
  • when i almost stop being your friend and let you be another cancun statistic.
  • those times when i was so angry i could spit and you calmed me down.
  • when you came with me to the daffodil festival to help pass out bbq sandwiches.
  • when we were in highschool, husband had the hots for you.
  • when you danced with my grandmother at my wedding.
  • when you were almost strangled and thrown into the ocean at my wedding :)
  • when you basically hit on my dad at my wedding.
  • when we used to hang out at the goat at 3pm.
  • when hi-5 was our jump-off.
  • when we went skiing with margaret and wayne.
  • raccoon holler's bathroom/basement/kitchen.
  • when your milkshake brought all the boys to the yard.
  • that you will always be my OY sister. 
  • when karaoke, "shots for all my friends" and an after party (in your Christmas sweatshirt) was a "low key" night. 
thank you for always loving without judging, being the best friend a girl could ask for and for always being a good time ...
for all these things and sooooo much more, THANK YOU!!!!!  
happy birthday to one of the most specialist people in my life.  
i love you boo!!!!

photo by christine hall

photo by christine hall
cheers to you!


  1. I love the "we go together like a pocket protector and a pen" so funny! Happy bday to your friend!



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