Thursday, November 25, 2010

day eighteen

gobble gobble gobble ...

 dress: thrifted
boots: vintage (ebay)

some people might wonder why one would feel the need dress up to go eat too much and nap.  well, i am here to tell you that i was probably the most comfortably dress person at our feast ... AND i looked cute :)  i knew when i bought this dress a month ago that i would want to wear it on thanksgiving ...  

... because i can fit a lot of food in here!!!

i forgot to pack my tights (blast), but its ok because it was a beautiful day.  also, no tights means absolutely nothing pushing on my belly. 
i did grab my jean jacket for the cooler parts of the day.  

have i mentioned that i love this dress?

i big thanks to husband for taking these pics and brother for making fun of me because it made me laugh for realz!

whew!  we are finally home after a long day of driving and eating ... and eating and driving.  i had such a fantastic day and am now completely spent.  

i would love to go into all the things i am thankful for, but that would take an additional 30 minutes of typing and i literally have zero energy.  i am too blessed to summarize quickly.  

happy thanksgiving and God bless!  


  1. You look so beautiful! Lovely shots and post!

  2. i love love love love that dress. i was the only one dressed up at thanksgiving this year, too. i even wore a scarf just like yours. fashion twinsssss :)

  3. i'm loving the colours! looks great! x

  4. LOVE the dress! Super cute! I did leggings for the same reason... super comfy... room for more food. :)

  5. This is the perfect dress of stuffing your face with Thanksgiving goodness.
    I also just love the dress for its cut and color. This is a fabulous and colorful outfit.

    The Auspicious Life


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