Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so what

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so what if:

  • i eat every last bite on my plate even if i was full 20 minutes ago.  its polite, is it not? 
  • i bite my nails.  ill try to stop again and everyone will be proud for all of 6 months until i start it up again.  
  • i wear my pjs to the grocery store and to the movies.  out of courtisy, i always ask husband if he is embarrassed to be seen with me and am willing to change if he says yes.
  • i wear my flip flops when there is snow on the ground, you dont pay my insurance if i end up getting sick. 
  • i very rarely pass gas.  and no, i am NOT lying.  and yes, there might be something wrong with me. 
  • i give too much information most of the time. 
  • i agree with dana at hancock heir about mac & chz being a meal all by itself. 
  • if i am loud.  chances are, you have know me a long time and i have always been loud and you have always complained about it ... yet, we are still friends. 
  • i am thinking about what to eat for lunch at 8:15 am.  i found a great friend because of our common interests in being prepared to eat several hours in advance. 


  1. Im agree in all the statements! except of eatin for being polite!!

    SEE YOU!


  2. Just because we started thinking about what to eat for lunch at 8:15 didn't mean I ever actually made a decision about it :)


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