Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day seventeen

i left my head in bed today with these guys!

cardigan: ny&co
belt: thrifted
skirt: american eagle
navy leggings: kohls
boots: vintage (ebay) 

the white cami is from kohls too.  i did not include camis and my wife beaters in the 30 items because most of the time you cant see them.  but today you can so please dont judge me!  

im pretty sure that green and burgundy dont really match but i was really wanting some color today.  so in my book, for this day, they match perfectly :)  plus, i think the navy, tan and gold brings it together nicely.  

i have a hot lunch date today with this guy i call "husband."  other than that, working and preparing for turkey day.  i think maybe we are going to spend the night with my parents so the girls can all cook together.  this means mom, sis and me in the kitchen, drinking wine and cooking up a storm ... which makes my heart smile.  



  1. Great outfit!! Love the boots!

    Julie xo

  2. love your boots! i have a pair that color but suede they are so incredibly comfy! i hate leaving my mister in bed with our little kitty, i just want to jump back in and cuddle all day long!!!!!!!

    have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  3. you look so comfy and cute here :) love that outfit. and, as everyone has said, those boots are great. you look slightly christmasy, which makes me smile.


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