Tuesday, November 23, 2010


joanna at a cup of joe announced a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to threadsence.  of course i entered and went to take a looksy at what threadsence had to offer.  im not sure if the 30 for 30 rule of not shopping just makes me want more or not but i LOVE this site.

when i go to website like these i check out the dresses first and then go look at the shoes and/or jewelry.  usually after about 4 clicks i see that everything is out of my price range and then close the window ... but not today.  dont get me wrong, not only am i not allowed to shop, i really just dont have a budget right now for even inexpensive items ... but hey, i girl can dream, right!

after looking thru, i wanted to show you a few of my favorite things.  if you likes, enter joanna's tuesday giveaway too and buy me something nice if you win :)

worn like this or belted with jeans.  i love this tunic!  and $43 isnt bad if its as versatile as i think it would be.   (make sure to check out pics of the back to see the design that makes this item unique)

jersey dress with flare for $39.  im not sure if this one would be all that flattering on my womanly body shape but i like it.  

yes please!  ok, so this one is a little pricer.  that just means patience until it goes on sale. 

hello fun dress for only $25

perfect summer dress on sale for $30

i know, thou shall not lust.  but really i went thru the site so i could share with you this lovely information ... i did it out of love *he he* 

click the pics to shop it up

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