Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day ten

sweater: old navy
dress and tights: kohls
boots: target

i know what you are thinking "enough with the black boots already!"  well, i had all intentions of wearing my black heels with this dress today.  they looked great with the tights and really took the dress up a notch.  BUT i looked out this morning and saw it was wet and leaves everywhere, so i put my boots on.  

i, elizabeth, vow to wait until at least saturday to wear these boots again!  

i am a 3rd of the way through this challenge and here is what i have learned so far:

  • i have a hard time wearing an outfit i put together sometimes.  if i remix something fun and its "just another day" i want to save it for something more exciting.  
  • i am feeling less silly about taking and posting pics.  
  • i love the fact that i get to use my camera everyday.  
  • tights make everything more fun!
  • if i had to take pics and post everyday then i would always be more aware of what i am wearing. 
  • kendi is a genius for thinking up a challenge that makes people have to shop in their own closet. 
  • the white and brown shirts i wear as "1st layer items" need to be replaced.  they are looking pretty rough.   
  • even though i am a gemini (my excuse), i can stick with a project/challenge and see it thru to the end. 
happy hump day!


  1. i love your style!
    the boots are awesome. great statement pieces which polish the entire look!!

  2. tights DO make everything more fun, don't they?! Also I am learning that gloves and scarves do, too. Wish I had a pair of cute black booties in my remix to wear over and over again!! ;D

  3. Very cute, yet again! Loving coming to your blog each day to see what you've come up with!

  4. I totally agree, tights are awesome and I'll keep wearing them this whole winter! Eek you're already on outfit 10, I need to catch up!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  5. Cute! I need to vow to hold off on my boots too! :) I'm worse than you though. :)


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