Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day nine

dress: ny&co
belt and boots: target

husband made me a delicious breakfast this morning, because he is so sweet!  my plans today include going into the office for about an hour and then running some errands.   

note to self:  start deciding what im making for thanksgiving and start a grocery list.  do not wait until the last minute!!!

guess what ... im a wiener!
joy at oh joy announced the giveaway wieners here.

there are 2 things that i "need" but that i cant really justify right now.  i could use some help in the accessories department (to help with my 30 for 30) and wall decor to take up the awkward empty spots around the house.  with this lovely giveaway i am not breaking any rules or our budget :) 
thanks joy!!!


  1. i love the layering here! so chic! whenever i try to do that i look like some kind of bag lady or such.

  2. another outfit I love!

    You always win...how do you do it?

    and this year...we're bringing the easy stuff to Thanksgiving...drinks. Decided it would be too much my first week at home to attempt to make anything

  3. Cute boots!
    The scarf you won looks really pretty! I love entering giveaways, may be I'll even win one eventually!



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