Thursday, November 18, 2010

day eleven

shawl: virginia johnson (won in this oh joy giveaway)
sweater: target 
skirt: old navy
tights and shoes: kohls

houston, we have a problem!  
last night i was trying to put an outfit together for my new shawl.  i tried on my go-to brown dress that i have not worn in quite some time.  i included it in my 30 items because it can be worn to a wedding, a funeral, on a date night and to work.  turns out, i have gained a few vanity pounds that this dress does not allow for.  needless to say, it doesnt fit, BLAST IT ALL!  so what do i do now?  

i have 2 choices: 
a) try to make it thru the challenge with only 29 items or 
b) switch it out for something that fits (of equal or lesser value).  

im taking a vote so that i am not held responsible for the outcome.  please comment below and let me know what i should do. 

thanks for your help! 

ps - please excuse the grumpy face in the picture above.  its because my skirt keeps sticking to my tights and i know it is something i will be dealing with all day :) 

pss - i hate these shoes ... i wish i was wearing my black boots today!  

ppss - i love the long sleeves on on this sweater.  they make me happy.  


  1. swap it out. it's not cheating if you can't fit into one of your original choices!!!

  2. I concur, swap it out; it's def not cheating if it doesn't fit. Additionally, given the reasons you chose it for the rotation in the first place (it can be worn to so many different functions), if you don't already have something similar to swap w/ it you could purchase something that meets the same criteria.

  3. I don't always like to be one to just go with the crowd. But I was gonna say swap it out before I saw the other comments. So I'm sticking that opinion. Swap it.

  4. Swap it!! If you can't wear it -- you can't remix it. Go ahead and make that swap, girl.

    Cute shawl.

  5. i agree! i say swap it. and i totally excuse your grumpy face...we all have those days.


  6. You have my permission to swap if you haven't already. I had several items in my remix collection that I had never tried on before.

    Best of luck with the remaining challenge.


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