Thursday, October 4, 2012

34 weeks pregnancy update

  • 34 weeks = 8.5 months
  • as of tomorrow, only 5 more weeks (35 days) from my due date
  • mister should be around 4.25 lbs and 18 inches long
  • no changes in his movement from last week.  on friday night, husband really got to feel him moving around when we stayed up watching a movie. 
  • my movement:  not a lot of change here either.  
  • sleep:  also, about the same as last week.  
  • energy level:  i have seen a lot of change this week in energy.  by about 10 am and then again at 2pm, im ready for a nap.  this is fine except for the fact that im at work and siestas are frowned upon. 
  • nursery:  on sunday, i dropped the fabric for the rocker off to my mom's cousin.  she is recovering the cushions and im stoked to see how they turn out.  last night, i played around with our awesome baby monitor and i think i will have to rearrange the room a little to make sure the camera can see into the crib well.  after thats all set, i will start putting together the collage wall.  i was at the flea market on saturday and i found a really great piece to use as a shelf and photo display.  i am waiting for something i ordered from etsy to come in and only need a few more picture frames.  the wall is really coming together in my mind ... lets just hope it doesnt look rediculous when i put it up. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • we went to tour the hospital on tuesday night.  the staff and rooms seem great.  there was something oddly comforting about being in a room with a bunch of people going thru almost the exact same thing as you.  all the women in our group looked to be in their 3rd trimester and if i had to guess, i would say that maybe only one other couple already has a kid. 
  • i finally signed us up for a birthing class.  it was too late to get us into one at the hospital and i had a hard time finding a local place that didnt seem to have an agenda.  unfortunately, its only 2 weeks before our due date so i have to make sure we wont loose all our money if i go into labor before we make it to the class :)

nursery sneak peek


  1. Beautiful new photos! I am making our little guy a gallery wall too. I have most of the items but am also toying between two different prints on etsy. I can't wait to see how yours turns out! I have finally finished his changing table which I'll be posting about soon.

  2. Oh.My.Goodness!! How freaking precious is your pregnant self!? Ahhh, I love pregnant pictures. I stopped by because I wanted to say thanks for the tip on the beach spray! You are a no-reply blogger though, lady. You need to attach your email to your blogger account in your settings. Seriously simple to do and if you need help feel free to let me know! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like such an awesome challenge to "eat like Jesus", but so great! I am so glad you enjoyed my blog:) I am now following you too. can't wait to see some precious baby pics!


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