Thursday, September 27, 2012

33 weeks pregnancy update


  • 33 weeks = 8.25 months
  • mister should be about 4 lbs and 17 inches long
  • his movement:  a lot :)  he has been doing his best to stretch my stomach from the inside out.  i love to place my phone on my belly button so the movement is a little more visible.  
  • my movement:  seems to be screeching to a halt.  i am officially taking husband up on his offers to go get me something.  mostly because he can get wherever and back before i could even roll my tail off the sofa.  
  • sleeping:  less and less.  im not complaining though ... i still get a lot more then most pregnant women.  it mostly has to do with movement.  we sleep on a memory foam mattress that has an extra soft foam padding on top (not able to remove).  i think this is making it harder for me to flip over during the night and that is what wakes me up.  i could try and sleep on the guest bed which is a firmer mattress but then i wouldnt sleep well because there isnt enough room for husband, me and mister.  
  • energy level:  i have my ups and downs.  last friday, i stayed home to clean house and i was able to get a lot done.  i spent about 8 hours working with only an hour break ... then i hit bottom and had to rest for a while.  
  • nursery:  on friday, i cleaned up the nursery so anyone that came to the shower could see our progress.  we did receive one of the prints i registered for but i need to find a frame to fit before i hang it.   
  • belly button:  still in but i feel like it is stretched to the max.  
  • stretch marks:  none yet


  1. You look great happy for you!

  2. 7 more weeks, can it be true? So exciting!


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